Promotion Criteria


Promotion Criteria

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In the course of reviewing a grievance pertaining to promotion criteria, the Board noted that a particular Army brigade was requesting an additional prerequisite for promotion to the rank of Captain for all infantry officers. Based on a Canadian Forces Occupational Specification (CFOS), dated from 1993, the brigade’s chain of command required the completion of the Army Junior Officer Staff Qualification (AJOSQ) prior to be promoted to the rank of Captain. The CFOS provided for the completion of the Militia Officer Staff Course, which was replaced by the AJOSQ, while at the rank of Second Lieutenant or Lieutenant. Although it was not a requirement in the other brigades under his command, the Area Commander was of the view that the imposition of a higher standard was equitable given that it was applied to all similar promotion recommendations in that brigade. The Board found that the CFOS was not in line with the current Canadian Forces Professional Development Framework. It was not updated to reflect the changes found in the Canadian Forces Administrative Order 49-12, the Land Force Command Order 29-12 and the Defence Administrative Order and Directive 5031-8 which require that the AJOSQ, a DP 2 requirement, must be completed for a promotion to the rank of Major. In practice, as recommended in CANFORGEN 153/06, most army officers complete the AJOSQ before being promoted to the rank of Captain. However, the current policies do not make it a mandatory requirement and therefore the Board found that it should not have been required as such. The Board also made the point that it is the Area Commander's responsibility to ensure the uniform application of policies and found that the requirement of a higher standard within one brigade was unfair.


The Board recommended that the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) order that files of other officers in the same situation in that brigade be examined in order to determine if any of them should have been promoted earlier. If so, the Board recommended that the promotion seniority date and their pay be retroactively adjusted.

Also, the Board recommended that the CDS direct a review of the CFOS to ensure a consistent application of the promotion requirements.

Final Authority Decision

The CDS agreed with both Board's systemic recommendations.

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