Definition of Career Status – Posting Allowance


Definition of Career Status – Posting Allowance

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In accordance with Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) 208.849 - Posting Allowance, a member must have reached career status “as defined by the Minister” to be eligible for the Posting Allowance. However, there is currently no approved definition of career status “as defined by the Minister” as required by CBI 208.849(2). Accordingly, it was the Committee’s view that one should be sought, and that it should reflect the definition already found in the Canadian Forces Integrated Relocation Program (CF IRP).


The Committee recommended that a definition of “career status” be sought from the Minister, and that it should mirror the one found in the CF IRP article 3.4.03.

Final Authority decision

Regarding the Committee's systemic recommendations, the Final Authority (FA) noted that the Director General Compensation and Benefits (DGCB) is undertaking a review of the Posting Allowance and preparing a Treasury Board submission. The FA noted his request to the DGCB that, in the context of this review, consideration be given to moving the Posting Allowance provision out of Section 8 of CBI 208, to avoid confusion regarding its application, and harmonizing the definition of career status throughout the CBI.


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