ISO 50001 International Energy Management Systems Standard


Through the Memorandum of Understanding on Climate Change and Energy Collaboration, Canada, the United States and Mexico continue to work together to promote global uptake of ISO 50001. The three countries have committed to set a North American implementation target by CEM8 in 2017 and create opportunities for the industrial, commercial and public sectors to implement ISO 50001.

The ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard (ISO 50001) is a business-friendly, international standard for planning, managing, measuring and continually improving energy performance in any organization that uses energy. 

The Government of Canada provides cost-shared assistance, information and technical support to help companies integrate energy management into daily business processes. By implementing the standard, organizations adopt the policies, procedures and tools needed to track, analyze and ultimately improve energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 has been proven to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Case studies have shown that within the first 18 months of implementing ISO 50001, a company can improve energy performance by 10 percent or more, with most of the improvement coming from low- or no-cost operational improvements.

Implementation of ISO 50001 across commercial and industrial sectors globally could drive cumulative energy savings of approximately 62 exajoules by 2030, saving over $600 billion in energy costs. In addition, it would help avoid 6,500 megatonnes of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of removing 215 million passenger vehicles from the road.

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