Government of Canada Launches the Canadian Centre for Energy Information Website

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October 7, 2020                                             Ottawa, Ontario                                                    Natural Resources Canada

Comprehensive, accessible, reliable energy information is vital to Canada’s ability to build a clean energy future and foster innovation in the natural resources sector. With it, we can support better research and better decision making on energy use by governments, industry, stakeholders and consumers.

The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, today announced the launch by Statistics Canada of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI)’s website, which will provide a modernized, independent, energy information system by giving Canadians access to timely data on the use of energy in order to inform our transition to a low-carbon energy future.

This collaboration among Natural Resources Canada, Statistics Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canada Energy Regulator delivers on the Government of Canada’s Budget 2019 committment to deveop the CCEI website.

The website will improve the overall quality of Canada’s energy data and provide better access to it. This interactive, user-friendly one-stop shop brings together energy information from federal, provincial and territorial governments, Indigenous governments and communities, academics, industry associations and international organizations.

As the CCEI expands its content over time, the website will:

  • Serve as a single point of access for all energy-related information and data, such as production, consumption, international trade and much more;
  • Compile, reconcile and integrate energy data from various Canadian sources;
  • Make data from multiple providers available free of charge;
  • Harmonize energy definitions, measurements and standards;
  • Improve the completeness, coherence and timeliness of Canada’s energy information;
  • Provide new data products, visualization tools and expert analyses; and  
  • Support analysis, modelling and forecasting in the academic and research community.

Canadians, industry and the research community will benefit from data that can be used to support evidence-based conversations, policies and business decisions regarding the energy sector and its impact on the economy, society and environment.


“Helping Canadians and industries to better understand our use of energy will lead to better decisions. As a one-stop shop for all data information related to energy, this website is a great tool for innovation in our energy sector.”  

The Honourable Seamus O’Regan
Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources

“Statistics Canada is committed to serving Canada with high-quality data and insights. We also know that Canadians, governments, industry and other stakeholders across the country all want more and better access to energy information. The Canadian Centre for Energy Information will address long-standing challenges in this regard. It will make information easier to find and serve as an independent and trusted source of data and analysis. The CCEI will also provide information that is standardized and accessible in a range of formats. As the CCEI grows, we will continue to collaborate with stakeholders and listen to data users to ensure it remains user-friendly and continuously improves.”

Anil Arora
Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada 

Quick facts

  • Owing to the rapidly evolving nature of the energy sector, demand for Canadian energy data is constantly increasing.

  • In Budget 2019, the Government of Canada announced the establishment of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI). $15.2 million over five years was allocated to the CCEI (plus $3.4 million per year ongoing) to provide better access to quality energy data.

  • The energy sector is a major economic driver, generating about $150 billion of economic activity in 2019, representing approximately seven percent of GDP and employing over 280,000 Canadians.

  • The Federal Geospatial Platform supports the CCEI by developing and hosting publicly accessible maps and visualizations of energy data, including recently published Photovoltaic Potential and Solar Resources Maps. 

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