Backgrounder: Over 50 New 2 Billion Trees Projects Highlighted at COP15 


The 2 Billion Trees program supports organizations in planting more trees today for a better tomorrow. The program is part of the Government of Canada’s broader approach to nature-based climate solutions and will contribute to Canada’s efforts to mitigate climate change while achieving key biodiversity and conservation goals. 

Today, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, announced more than $35 million in funding for 54 new 2BT projects across Canada. These investments will forge strong partnerships with Indigenous groups and communities and local and municipal organizations while also improving air and water quality and restoring nature and biodiversity. 

Project Recipient Funding # of Trees Duration Description
First Indigenous Biomass Future  FIND Biomass $687,051 425,200 2021–2023 This project aims to create Indigenous employment and economic diversity by planting 425,200 trees on abandoned farmlands and other disturbed lands to support increased biodiversity, wildlife habitat restoration and reduce erosion.
Growing our Family Trees Town of Gibbons $250,000 780 2022–2024 The proponent will develop an Urban Forest Management Plan, deliver community engagement and increase the capacity of staff to plant and monitor 780 trees across 23.6 hectares in the Town of Gibbons, resulting in an increase of urban canopy and provide green jobs for the community.
Stoney Nakoda Greenhouse Project Stoney Nakoda Nation $96,000 N/A 2022–2023 Stoney Nakoda Nation will implement planning for a community tree seedling greenhouse development project. This project will study how to integrate their greenhouse technologies to be able to produce up to 150,000 seedlings annually.
Trout Pond Trees Town of Taber $300,000 400 2023–2024 The proponent will build the community’s tree-planting capacity by determining tree-planting sites and planting 400 trees in the Trout Pond Park area. It will result in a reduction of soil erosion and help reduce water pollution. In addition, it will educate local youth on climate change and the importance of Canada’s forests.
City of Fort Saskatchewan Urban Forestry Protection Plan City of Fort Saskatchewan $220,000 N/A 2022–2024 This project will develop an urban forest protection and enhancement plan to manage and enhance the proponent’s urban forest inventory and establish a cooperative management model through a series of public engagement activities. 
Airdrie Urban Tree Canopy Initiative City of Airdrie $47,500 10,000 2023–2024 The proponent will undertake site preparation and planning activities for planting 10,000 trees. Activities will include selecting a nursery to source planting materials, installing an irrigation system, tree planting, monitoring and reporting tree growth.
British Columbia          
Advancing Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Action through Tree Planting  Wild Bird Trust of British Columbia $261,894 1,440 2022–2024 This project aims to increase planting capacity for Tsleil-Waututh Nation community members by planting 1,440 trees on 24 hectares and providing training opportunities, resulting in green job creation and improved technical skills for planting.
AR Projects for Forest Resilience and Carbon Sequestration Cariboo Carbon Solutions $425,399 510,000 2022–2023 This project will help restore 255 hectares of disturbed and ecologically degraded land through the planting of native and ecologically appropriate trees.
Capacity Building for Wet’suwet’en First Nation Yinka Dene Economic Development Limited Partnership $300,000 N/A 2022–2024 This project involves integrating traditional ecological knowledge and western science in capacity building to increase opportunities for Indigenous tree planters in future years. 
Clayoquot Sound Watershed Recovery Initiative Redd Fish Restoration Society $2,438,240 315,000 2022–2031 The objective of this project is to plant trees to increase carbon sequestration and accelerate the recovery of four watersheds within Tla-a-qui-aht First Nation territory.
Fox Mountain/Sugarcane Wildfire Plant Williams Lake First Nation $243,800 426,690 2022–2023 This project will help restore lands around Williams Lake First Nation that were negatively impacted by a wildfire in 2017.
Gat’ Azi-gat’ Cho, Little Trees Reforestation Project McLeod Lake Indian Band $1,004,709 890,336 2021–2022 This project will reforest the McLeod Lake Indian Band reserve forest that was destroyed by a spruce beetle infestation and aims to reinstate the damaged forest and habitat while improving the regional environmental well-being by sequestering carbon.
Osoyoos Indian Band Nk’mip Creek Wildfire Restoration Nk’mip Forestry Limited Liability Partnership $331,000 70,000 2022–2030 This project will restore wildlife habitat and re-establish critical habitat for species at risk, reduce the risk of wildfire for local communities, sequester carbon and create local employment opportunities.
Restoring Endangered Whitebark Pine Ecosystems in BC Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada (WPEFC) $1,013,000 380,000 2022–2027 Through this project, the proponent will plant 380,000 trees while providing critical ecosystem services such as slope stability and hydrological management while restoring whitebark pine ecosystems.
Surrey Parks Forest Restoration Planting City of Surrey $207,555 35,000 2022–2025 This project will replace areas of passive grass and invasive species with a diverse mix of native trees.
City of North Vancouver Urban Forestry Management Strategy and Public Engagement Program The City of North Vancouver $300,000 500 2022–2024 This project will implement and develop an Urban Forest Management Strategy and plant 500 native tree species to increase local ecosystem diversity. It will also identify opportunities to increase public tree-planting capacity. 
“Home Grown” Winnipeg Tree Planting Program   City of Winnipeg $7,329,800 71,500 2022–2027 This project will revitalize Winnipeg’s urban forest through a combination of municipal and community-driven planting activities to enhance urban canopy in parks, green spaces, naturalized forests and riverbank environments.
Kistike’win Capacity Building  Nekote LP. $299,538 N/A 2022–2024 This project will build capacity within Nekote member nations to enable future participation in tree-planting initiatives through skills and knowledge transfer in forestry and silviculture.
“Making Our Homeland Green Again - Part One” Manitoba Métis Federation $4,500,000 15,000 2022–2023 The objective of this part one project is threefold: (1) continue planning, conduct site preparation, and begin construction of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF)’s tree nursery, (2) plant 15,000 trees as part of MMF’s 2 Million Tree Commitment, and (3) train Red River Métis Citizens.
Wildfire restoration projects in the Interlake region of Manitoba Blue Green Planet $93,682 114,170 2022–2023 Blue Green Planet will work with the Opaskwawak Cree Nation in the Interlake Region of Manitoba to plant 114,170 trees on 63.4 hectares of land while also training tree planters to create employment opportunities for Opaskwawak Cree Nation in silviculture. 
New Brunswick          
Acadian Forest Restoration Nurseries and Tree Planting Knowlesville Art and Nature Centre $300,000 5,000 2022–2024 This project will plant 5,000 trees across 194 hectares while engaging New Brunswick citizens in the towns of Hartland, Florenceville-Bristol, the Butternut Restoration Group and the rural community of Knowlesville, who will be trained to restore forest ecosystems and riparian zones for present and future generations.
Building Capacity for Tree Planting by Community-Based Watershed Management Organizations in New Brunswick  New Brunswick Environmental Network $159,742 N/A 2022–2024 This project will build capacity among local watershed management groups for tree planting as part of riparian and coastal zone restorations, shoreline buffers and other reforestation projects. 
Forests of the Future Fundy Biosphere Initiative Inc $587,129 45,000  2023–2025  This project consists of planting 45,000 trees within a municipal drinking watershed, protecting a drinking water source, reducing erosion and reducing water quality issues. 
NB Woodlot Tree Planting 2022 New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners Inc. $597,157 664,200 2021–2022 This project will plant a combination of white spruce, white pine and sugar maples across various private woodlots. 
Reforestation of Abandoned Strip Mines in Southern New Brunswick SNB Wood Co-operative Ltd. $92,400 87,000 2022–2023 This project involves the reforestation of old strip mines owned by Camp Centennial and NB Power with native Acadian forests located in Chipman, New Brunswick.
Southeast NB Carbon Plantations NRC 03 & 04 Thirteen Towers Inc $44,334 102,560 2022 This project will plant 102,560 trees to reforest 51.3 hectares in two geographically distinct areas to turn them into permanent forests that will not be subject to commercial harvesting.
Wabanaki-Acadian Forests Restoration Project  Community Forests International $313,000 360,000 2022–2023 This project will plant 360,000 trees on degraded land and remove it from the industrial clearcutting cycle.
Newfoundland and Labrador          
City of Corner Brook Urban Forestry Partnership  City of Corner Brook  $163,000 N/A 2022–2024 The project seeks to generate and build knowledge around urban forest management in the City of Corner Brook and surrounding area while providing unique research opportunities and experiential learning opportunities for students. 
South River/Springfield Aggregate Quarry Reclamation NEWCRETE Investments Partnership and subsidiary company Avalon Ready Mix $138,800  60,000 2022–2024 This is a reforestation project, planting 60,000 trees to help reclaim 21 hectares of a quarry to natural forest conditions. It will also train local youth in planting and related silviculture techniques.
Northwest Territories          
Preserving Our Land: Preparing For The Future Tlicho Government $150,000 N/A 2022–2024 This project will build local capacity to develop and carry out regional reforestation projects in the coming years.
Nova Scotia          
Building Carbon Capture Capacity in the Southwest Nova Biosphere Region Through Tree Planting  Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve Association  $150,000 N/A 2022–2023 This project will create baseline data for the initiation of tree planting in the Southwest Nova Biosphere region.
Reforestation for Carbon Storage and Watershed Restoration Through HEART Atlantic Coastal Action Program-Cape Breton $259,170 14,000 2023–2024 The project will focus on building reforestation and afforestation capacity in eastern Cape Breton, while planting 14,000 trees across 23 hectares of land. It will also expand community capacity-building and green workforce training in nature-based solutions.
Building Tree-Planting Capacity in the Severn Sound Watershed  Severn Sound Environmental Association $276,507 10,320 2022–2024 This project consists of planting 10,320 trees across 5.5 hectares, benefiting community members from across the watershed, contributing to natural assets, decreasing flood risks and improving resilience to impacts of climate change. The project will also promote future tree planting through increasing the organizational capacity to undertake larger-scale and long-term planting efforts.
BZA Tree Planting Climate Solution BZA Forestry Resources Inc.  $235,104 140,000  2022–2023 This proponent will plant 140,000 trees in the Lake Nipigon Forest area. The goal of planting these trees is to reclaim 91 hectares of land that was negatively impacted by wildfire. 
Carolinian Life Zone Enhancement Grand River Employment and Training Inc. DBA Kayanase $526,994 N/A 2022–2024 This project will upgrade and expand the Kayanase greenhouse to increase seedling production capacity up to an additional 2 million seedlings per year, supporting reforestation and training opportunities for Six Nations of the Grand River community members and the surrounding region.
CGS Regreening Program 2022  City of Greater Sudbury $50,000 50,000 2022–2023 This project will plant 50,000 trees to recover self-sustaining Indigenous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems in Greater Sudbury, in an area damaged by historical industrial activities. 
Credit River Watershed Tree Planting Project Credit Valley Conservation Authority $392,055 16,000 2022–2025 This project will increase forest cover, connectivity, habitat and resilience in greenbelt, urban and suburban forest communities to support the Credit River Watershed’s Natural Heritage System, as well as increasing urban tree cover in particularly vulnerable areas. 
Community Afforestation Program to Increase Forest Cover Across Haldimand County and the Niagara Region  Haldimand Stewardship Council Inc. $654,500 181,300 2022–2027 This is a five-year afforestation project to help restore forest habitat in the Niagara Region. It will cover 100 hectares and plant 181,300 trees, directly enhancing habitat biodiversity and resulting in employment, training and skills development as well as volunteer opportunities for all ages.
Greening the Greater Toronto Area  Toronto and Region Conservation Authority $641,008 40,508 2022–2023 This project will include the development and implementation of restoration and management plans aimed at restoring, preserving, enhancing and providing long-term integrity for various habitats where trees can be planted and maintained into the future. 
Growing Urban Forests Fast: Building Capacity for a National Mini-Forest Planting and Stewardship Initiative  Green Communities Association $300,000 2,800  2022–2024 This project will result in 2,800 new trees to create eight mini-forests, leading to a Mini-Forest Implementation and Stewardship Program that includes a video training module to educate coordinators on the design and planting of mini-forests and support in the development of community engagement strategies.
Native Tree Nursery Expansion Serving Waterloo Region  Reep Green Solutions $251,656 800 2022–2025 This project will result in 800 new trees across eight sites throughout the Waterloo Region. It will also establish a tree nursery adjacent to a Community Garden which includes a partnership with the Cambridge Self-Help food bank where volunteers grow produce for donation to those in need, resulting in community opportunities to participate in green industries.
Open Urban Forests: First National Interactive View of Urban Forest Data in Canada Canadian Institute of Forestry $300,000 N/A 2022–2024 The objective of this project is to establish the first national view of urban forestry geospatial data in Canada through the creation of a learning hub for students, academics and other groups with an interest in urban forestry.
Restoring Riparian Refuges Trout Unlimited Canada  $296,000 1,000 2022–2024 The project will plant 1,000 trees that will provide habitat and food for animals, sequester carbon, provide shade for the streams and reduce erosion.
Resolute FP Canada 2022 Tree Planting Supporting Growing Canada’s Forests Resolute FP Canada Inc $72,600 100,000 2022 The objective of this project is to plant 100,000 seedlings on marginal unclassified land areas of Ontario Crown land.
Scouts Canada Nature Centre Scouts Canada $183,562 8,750 2022–2024 The proponent will plant 2,000 bare-rooted trees and 6,750 seedlings will form the nursery stock. Over two years, it will revive a 160-acre urban forest in Oshawa, Ontario. The Project will directly impact 1,500 youths over the two-year period through education and skills building.
Aggregation of Four, Large-Scale Carbon Sequestration Projects Across Canada Using Fast-Growing Trees Groupe Ramo Inc  $2,998,675 4,300,000 2022–2023 The objective of this project is to plant more than 4.3 million fast-growing trees to help reduce the impact of climate change through atmospheric carbon sequestration.
Five-Year Strategic Planning to Nationally Mobilize the Trails Sector In The 2 Billion Trees Commitment Trans Canada Trail  $310,000 1,000 2022–2024 This project will plant 1,000 trees along the Trans Canada Trail. It will also create a five-year strategic plan that will identify potential planting sites and maximize the trees planted and insure sustainability, resulting in green jobs for the community.
Reforestation on Solifor's forest properties located in different regions of Quebec    Gestion Solifor inc. $554,092 560,000 2022–2023 This project involves the reforestation of 560,000 trees in the northern region of Quebec that will protect and enhance biodiversity in the region.
“Restoration of breeding habitat for the Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera) – a species at risk in the Outaouais region of Quebec – through reforestation of herbaceous grasslands” Dendroica Environnement et Faune $154,490 30,000 2022–2025 The purpose of this project is to help maintain and restore golden-winged warbler habitats, an endangered species in the region, by planting 30,000 trees at different sites across 18 hectares in the Outaouais region of Quebec. 
“A new lung for the area east of Montreal”  Société pour la nature et les parcs du Canada – Section Québec (SNAP Québec) $2,347,123 95,000 2022–2030 95,000 trees will be planted over the next eight years to rehabilitate fallow land on Sainte-Thérèse Island and restore impacted ecosystems and wildlife habitats. The long-term result is to contribute to improving biodiversity and reducing the ecological footprint and air pollution east of Montreal.
Growing Resilient Communities with the Prince Albert Model Forest  Prince Albert Model Forest Association Inc $299,000 7,500 2022–2024 This project will increase forest cover and provide clean air in and around Prince Albert, including several First Nations communities. This will benefit local youth by providing training and skill development on planting trees over time. Collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities will improve diversity and inclusion in forestry activities and greener jobs in Saskatchewan. 
Plant for Growth: Trees for a Connected and Equitable Green Network Meewasin Valley Authority  $172,500 N/A 2022–2024 This project will increase capacity to participate in tree-planting activities through expansion of seed and cutting collection programs to increase propagation and production in the greenhouse. This project is a collaboration between the Meewasin Valley Authority and the City of Saskatoon.
Reconciliation Through Reforestation at Muskeg Lake Cree Nation Muskeg Lake Cree Nation #102 $300,000 500 2022–2024 This project will determine planting sites on reserve lands and work with community members to plant and maintain 500 trees as a demonstration project. The proponent will also work with a local nursery to build internal capacity to support additional future tree planting.
Yukon First Nations Wildfire Capacity Development and Tree-Planting Pilot Project   Yukon First Nations WildFire Limited Partnership $300,000 1,000 2022–2023 This project aims to develop a strategic tree planting plan and build organizational capacity to plant trees in the Yukon. It will provide youth employment for local communities.
TOTAL   $35,172,266 10,150,254    

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