Twelve New 2 Billion Trees Projects Announced


Under the 2 Billion Trees program, the Government of Canada is working with provinces, territories, non-government organizations, Indigenous communities, municipalities, private landowners and others to plant two billion trees over ten years on provincial and federal Crown lands, in cities and communities, on private rural and urban lands.

The program is an important part of Canada’s efforts to reduce emissions. It is also helping to deliver a range of co-benefits, including helping communities adapt to climate change, improving air and water quality, and restoring nature and biodiversity.

Today, the Government of Canada announced more than $100 million for 16 new 2BT projects across Canada.

Additional information on 12 of these multi-year projects, backed by a $39.2 million federal investment, to support the planting of an additional 21.7 million trees, can be found below.

The Government of Canada also announced over $60 million in federal funding to support the planting of over 35 million trees specifically aimed to help restore wildfire-impacted forests and rehabilitate reserve lands that have been damaged by recent wildfires. Information on those projects can be found here.

Project Recipient Funding Duration Description
Greenhouse and Sakikiw Land Regeneration Lac Ste. Anne Métis Community Association $853,668 2023–2031 The objective of this project is to build capacity in the Lac Ste. Anne Métis community to build and operate a greenhouse for tree seedlings to support land reclamation projects in Alberta and participate in land regeneration through planting trees on 175 hectares of land. The project will support the planting of 350,000 trees.
British Columbia
Wildfire/Mountain Pine Beetle Reforestation and Habitat Restoration Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. (CCR) $10,848,988 2022–2031 The objective of this project is to reforest and rehabilitate forest stands destroyed in the 2017 Hanceville Fire and the Plateau Fire and that are also impacted by mountain pine beetle, with a focus on important wildlife wintering areas. The project will support the planting of 9.3 million trees within the traditional territory of Alexis Creek First Nation and Tl'etinqox government.
Twin Sisters Capacity Development Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery $150,000 2022–2024 Through training and development, the project aims to increase Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery’s capacity, resulting in green jobs and supporting future tree planting. One newly trained staff will be hired initially, with the aim of supporting additional jobs as the nursery grows.
Urban Forest Strategy City of Penticton $300,000 2023–2025 Penticton will create an Urban Forest Management Plan that will lay the groundwork to support future tree planting projects. The city will hire workers to lead the project, which will assess the status of the urban forest; set targets and actions to protect and enhance Penticton’s urban forest; conduct public consultations; and create content for education and engagement on how residents can implement actions from the Urban Forest Management Plan on their properties.
Skeena Floodplain Assisted Ecosystem Recovery Kitsumkalum Indian Band $980,500 2022–2026 This project plans to accelerate the restoration of ecosystems that are at risk by establishing seedling contracts with local nurseries and engaging First Nation community members to plant trees across 150 hectares of land. The project will support the planting of 150,000 trees.
Reforesting to Rehabilitate Nazko Lands Nazko Economic Development Corporation $4,554,509 2022–2026 The Nazko Economic Development Corporation will plant tree seedlings over 2,054 hectares in remote lands throughout the Nazko regions of British Columbia and private land sites in Prince George, Quesnel and Vanderhoof. The project will plant on private land sites, with additional sites to be planted on Indigenous land. Nazko Economic Development Corporation will plant an estimated 1 million trees annually from 2022 to 2025 while also partnering with Blue Collar Silviculture to acquire the trees, gain insight in relation to ecologically appropriate planting and monitoring practices, and provide training to Nazko band members in planting and supervision. The project will support the planting of over 3.7 million trees.
Forests for Carbon and Caribou Aski Reclamation Ltd on behalf of Aski Reclamation LP $11,787,956 2022–2027 This project aims to reforest 634 hectares of land in British Columbia. First Nation businesses will be contacted to assist in completing the work. The project will help reconcile with Saulteau First Nations to promote an Indigenous-led collaboration between the Indigenous community and the public–private sector. The project will support the planting of over 1.9 million trees.
Capacity Building for the Implementation, Protection, Management and Maintenance of Tree Planting Projects in the Shuswap and the Okanagan BC Small Wetlands Association $271,000 2023–2025 BC Small Wetlands Association will build capacity to encourage and facilitate involvement in planning and undertaking tree planting in the Shuswap and the Okanagan. It will also build a database of resources and potential planting sites to help remove barriers to the successful management, protection and monitoring of trees.
Restoring forests on Vancouver Island Western Forest Products Inc. $179,327 2022–2024 The project aims to reforest 107 hectares of land on Vancouver Island on retired forest industrial roads, landings, and pits, on degraded recreation sites and on naturally disturbed areas.This project will provide benefits to the ecosystem by establishing forest cover at earlier date on disturbed areas and improving watershed function and stability by stabilizing slides and riparian areas. The project will support the planting of 117,250 trees.
New Brunswick
Maritime Carbon Sequestration in Demonstration Forests Thirteen Towers Inc. $44,969 2023–2024 The project will reforest 177.14 hectares in two geographically distinct areas to turn them into permanent forests that will not be subject to commercial harvesting. The project will support the planting of 85,399 trees.
Reboisement des propriétés forestières de Solifor situées dans différentes régions du Québec Gestion Solifor Inc. $8,942,654 2023–2031 The project will increase tree planting in rural and suburban areas spread across four different bioclimatic zones in Quebec. The project will support the planting of over 6.1 million trees.
Redberry Lake Biosphere Tree Project Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Association Inc. $300,000 2022–2024 Redberry Lake Biosphere Reserve Association will build a tree nursery and provide training and skills development opportunities to youth, school groups, farmers and First Nation communities on tree planting and nursery management.

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