Orca class

These vessels operate year round in B.C. coastal waters and are frequent visitors in many of the smaller ports both on the Mainland and around Vancouver Island. In addition to their training mission, our naval tenders support regional community relations by appearing in local festivals and maritime events.

While not specifically assigned an operational role, these vessels patrol coastal waters reporting suspicious activity, pollution infractions, and fishing violations. They are also frequently tasked for search and rescue operations or providing assistance to boaters in distress. Operation roles are on the rise, due to increased capabilities of the Orca class vessels.

Regular force Boatswains, Engineers and Naval communicators personnel are employed at Patrol Craft Training (PCT) vessles. In addition to their responsibilities associated with maintaining and operating the naval tenders, PCTS personnel perform a pivotal training role in sharing their experience and skills with Junior Officer and Non-Commissioned Member trainees.


Length: 33 metres (108 feet)
Beam: 8.6 metres (28 feet)
Draught: 2.5 metres (8 feet)
Displacement: 210 tonnes (231 tons)
Maximum Speed: 23 knots
Propulsion: 2 x 1825 kW (2450 hp) Caterpillar Diesel

The current Orca-class ships are:

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