Dive back in: RCN skilled re-enrollment now available

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The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is actively seeking to re-enroll former sailors who were fully trained in an RCN occupation and continue to meet enrollment requirements. In an effort to reduce wait times the Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG) has streamlined the re-enrollment process for previous Regular Force skilled applicants. Anyone considering coming back to the RCN should fill out an application and CFRG will work to expedite your re-enrolment.

Suitability Requirements for re-enrollment of previous Regular Force members:

Applicant must…

  1. have released within the last 5 years;
  2. have been fully trained in your chosen occupation;
  3. have released under items 4 (voluntary), 5B (reduction of strength), or 5C (completed services);
  4. wish to re-enroll into your previous RCN occupation; and
  5. meet other eligibility and suitability requirements.

Streamlined Application Process:

All other requirements are still in place but will be abbreviated and the process streamlined as much as possible.

Please note processing prioritization will be based on occupational requirements.

The RCN is currently looking for former sailors with experience in the following occupations:

A skilled applicant processing team is standing by to expedite your file.

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