HMCS Baddeck

There has been only 1 vessel named Baddeck in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Baddeck (K147)

Commissioned at Québec City, Quebec, on May 18, 1941, the Flower Class corvette HMCS Baddeck arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, on May 29. She again left Québec City late in June for Halifax, escorting SS Lady Rodney, but had to return to her builders at Lauzon, Quebec, owing to an engine breakdown. In September, the 2 ships set out from Halifax for Jamaica, but again HMCS Baddeck’s engine failed, and she reached her destination only with difficulty. When further repairs had been completed, she was assigned to Newfoundland Command, leaving Sydney, Nova Scotia, on October 5 for Iceland as ocean escort to convoy SC.48, which lost 9 ships to U-boats. Engine repairs kept her at Hvalfjord, Iceland, until mid-December but failed to cure the problem and she was in dock at Halifax for the first 6 months of 1942. She worked up at Pictou, Nova Scotia, in July 1942, and then joined Western Local Escort Force until allocated to duties in connection with the invasion of North Africa, arriving at Londonderry, Northern Ireland, on November 1. For the next 4 months she escorted United Kingdom-Mediterranean convoys, returning to Halifax on April 4, 1943. Later that month, HMCS Baddeck was assigned to Escort Group C-4 for 2 round trips to Londonderry, and then in mid-July went to Escort Group W-2, Western Local Escort Force. In August, she commenced a major refit at Liverpool, Nova Scotia, including forecastle extension, and after working up in St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia, in January 1944 sailed in March to join Escort Group 9, Londonderry. In April, she transferred to Western Approaches Command for invasion escort duties, based at Portsmouth, England, and on June 13 beat off an attack by motor torpedo boats while so employed. In September, she was transferred to Nore Command, based at Sheerness, England, escorting local convoys until her departure for home on May 24, 1945. She was paid off at Sorel, Quebec, on July 4 and sold for mercantile purposes in 1946, renamed Efthalia. After a number of name changes, she was lost ashore near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the Greek-flag Evi on March 11, 1966.

  • Builder: Davie Shipbuilding and Repairing Co. Ltd., Lauzon, Québec
  • Laid down: August 14, 1940
  • Launched: November 20, 1940
  • Date commissioned: May 18, 1941
  • Date paid off: July 4, 1945
  • Displacement: 950 tons
  • Dimensions: 62.5 m x 10.1 m x 3.5 m
  • Speed: 16 knots
  • Crew: 85
  • Armament: one 4-inch (102-mm) gun, one 2-pound (0.9 kg) gun, two 20-mm guns (2 x I), one Hedgehog mortar and depth charges.

Battle honours

  • Atlantic 1941-45
  • Normandy 1944
  • English Channel 1944-45

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