HMCS Kings

There has been only one establishment named Kings in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Kings / Shore Establishment

HMCS Kings

HMCS Kings, located in Halifax, NS, served as one of the three officer training establishments for the RCNVR during the Second World War, the others being HMCS Royal Roads near Victoria, BC and HMCS Stone Frigate in Kingston, ON. HMCS Kings took over the training that had been done at the dockyard at Stadacona. During its time in service, Kings graduated 96 classes, passing out some 3,100 officers.

The training at Kings focused on producing non-specialist watch-keeping officers, and before January 1944 it acted as something of a screening process. Potential officers had to prove themselves at Kings as suitable in every way to hold a commission. After January 1944, screening processes had improved sufficiently that Kings took on a purely training role, only rejecting candidates who had failed courses, or for matters of conduct so severe that they would be dealt with in a disciplinary court.

During the war, German forces frequently announced the sinking of ships for propaganda purposes. In response, the Allies spread information on fake ships, including Kings, and when she was declared ‘sunk,’ they were able to discredit much of the German propaganda. Kings also appeared in the 1943 Hollywood film ‘Corvette K-225’ with Randolph Scott, Ella Raines, and Robert Mitchum.

Post-war planning had determined that Kings would not be needed after the war, and with the end of the European war closing ceremonies were held on 19 May 1945. Her actual paying off date, however, would be 31 May. The former wardroom of HMCS Kings now serves as the campus pub for the University of King’s College.


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