HMCS Newport Corner

There has been only one establishment named HMCS Newport Corner in the Royal Canadian Navy.

HMCS Newport Corner (NRS)

The Naval Radio Station (NRS) Newport Corner was established by the Royal Canadian Navy in 1942 near Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. NRS Newport Corner was a sub-unit of NRS Albro Lake and functioned as the primary transmitting facility, while the receiving facility was located at Albro Lake, 50 kilometers northwest of Newport Corners. A landline connected the 2 sites.

NRS Newport Corner was a critical component in the success of the Royal Canadian Navy and its allies in the Battle of the Atlantic in combating the U-boat threat. It could transmit to locations halfway across the world, stretching from Murmansk, Russia to the Falkland Islands.

NRS Newport Corner and NRS Albro Lake were renamed Her Majesty’s Canadian Naval Radio Station (HMC NRS) Albro Lake on July 1, 1956. Unification of the Canadian Armed Forces in 1968 resulted in the Albro Lake location closing in July 1966. NRS Newport Corner functioned much as before, as a detachment of the new facility, Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Mill Cove.

Defence cutbacks in the late 1990s saw the former NRS Newport Corner transmitter automated. The lower site hosting the accommodations, logistics and administration services was closed on August 1, 1995. From that moment on, all operators were bussed into the upper Operations site from Halifax until remoting was complete in 1998. The transmitter is currently operated from Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Halifax.

  • Date commissioned: July 1, 1956
  • Date paid off: July 11, 1966

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