Canada’s nuclear regulator announces funding to support relationship building with Indigenous Nations and communities

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December 11, 2023

Today, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announced that it is awarding nearly $4 million to 19 Indigenous Nations and communities over 2 years through the new Indigenous and Stakeholder Capacity Fund (ISCF) – Indigenous Capacity Support stream. The ISCF serves to increase recipients’ capacity to better engage and participate in the CNSC’s full lifecycle of regulatory processes, programs and initiatives.

Launched in May 2023, the ISCF provides support for staffing and internal resources, Indigenous knowledge and land use studies, IT equipment acquisition, education and training opportunities, technical assistance, and other much-needed resources.

Engagement and dialogue at every stage of the nuclear licensing and oversight process are an essential part of the CNSC's approach to modern and transparent regulation. This first round of funding helps Indigenous Nations and communities take some preliminary steps in building capacity and knowledge to support greater collaboration and engagement with the CNSC and the nuclear sector. It also supports the collection and sharing of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives that can be woven into the CNSC’s regulatory processes.

The Indigenous Capacity Support stream of the ISCF will have an annual call for proposals, with the next funding opportunity available in spring 2024. All ISCF funding opportunities can be found on the CNSC’s website.

Key facts

  • The ISCF builds on the success of the CNSC’s other funding programs, like the Participant Funding Program, to ensure that Indigenous Nations and communities and stakeholders can meaningfully participate in the full lifecycle of the regulatory process for nuclear facilities and activities.
  • The ISCF has 3 funding streams:
    • Indigenous Capacity Support: to help reduce barriers so that Indigenous Nations and communities and stakeholders can participate in the full lifecycle of the CNSC’s regulatory processes, programs, policies and initiatives
    • Regulatory Policy Dialogue: to support Indigenous Nations and communities and stakeholders in participating in the review of CNSC regulatory documents, regulations and policies
    • Engagement and Collaboration Support: to support engagement and collaboration activities between the CNSC and Indigenous Nations and communities and stakeholders


“The CNSC recognizes that excellent regulation requires meaningful engagement and sharing of knowledge to support decision making. This initiative is an important part of the CNSC’s commitment to reconciliation, which includes ongoing efforts to improve transparency and build trust with our Indigenous partners. We are committed to working with Indigenous Nations and communities across Canada, respecting the principles of inclusion and protection of rights.”

- Ramzi Jammal, acting Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

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