Backgrounder: Canada and British Columbia invest in infrastructure in Northern British Columbia to create jobs and strengthen communities


Backgrounder: Canada and British Columbia invest in infrastructure in Northern British Columbia to create jobs and strengthen communities

Joint federal, provincial and municipal funding through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program will support 24 infrastructure projects in British Columbia's northern communities.

The Government of Canada is investing more than $49.9 million in these projects through the Community, Culture, and Recreation Infrastructure Stream (CCRIS) and the Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream (RNIS). The Government of British Columbia is contributing more than $15.4 million and the applicants (municipalities, Indigenous communities and not-for-profits) are contributing more than $11.5 million.

Of the more than $65.3 million in federal and provincial funding announced today, $40.5 million will be going to 12 projects in Indigenous communities.

Community, Culture, and Recreation Infrastructure Stream project Information


Project Name

Project Details




Alexis Creek First Nation

Alexis Creek First Nation: Cultural Youth Centre Renovations and Addition

Renovations to the cultural youth centre including installation of accessible washrooms, and improvements to its community kitchen, stage, fire safety measures, heating system and other structural components.




Salteau First Nation

Saulteau First Nations Community Cultural Building

Construction of a community centre including a gathering space, fitness centre, meeting rooms, kitchen, washrooms, offices, and an art space to accommodate gatherings, fitness programs, courses, training, cultural programs and social activities.




Doig River First Nation

Tea Dance Circle

Construction of a dance circle including foundation, earthworks, seating, arbour and canopy.




Nuxalk First Nation

Nuxalk Big House

Construction of the Nuxalk Nation Big House as a gathering place for the community including a central fire pit, bleachers, washrooms, commercial kitchen, dorms, dancer prep space, storage, and a false frontage on the building for traditional carvings.




Lhtako Dene First Nation

Lhtako Dene Nation:
George Longe Memorial Park Development

Construction of a playground including swings, spring toys, climbing stones, slides, a climbing structure for older children, zipline, surfacing, and borders; installation of benches and picnic tables; landscaping of areas within park; and installation of a memorial sculpture, signage and fencing.




Fort St. John

Festival Plaza

Construction of a permanent all-season gathering space to accommodate markets, festivals, celebrations and arts and cultural events. The project includes a shed-style overhead structure, public washrooms, artistic obelisk structures, creative lighting, outdoor performance space, a moveable stage and landscaping.




Fort St. John

Whiskey Jack Nordic Ski Club Society: Day Lodge Project

Construction of a day lodge at the Beatton Provincial Park trails including deck, electrical connection works and wood-burning stove.




Lheidli T'enneh First Nation

Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Enhancement Project

Development of recreation facilities and amenities in Ancient Forest/Chun T'oh Whudujut Provincial Park including new riparian wetland hiking trails, interpretive centre, sweat lodge, pit house, gazebo and improved accessible amenities such as boardwalks, pathways, washrooms, access roads, parking and signage.




Prince George

New Aquatic Centre

Construction of a new aquatic centre including a 4-lane pool, leisure pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, showers, change rooms, multi-purpose room and a new parking lot, pathways, landscaping, site finishing, outdoor lighting and signage.




Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure Stream project Information


Project Name

Project Details




Central Coast Regional District

Great Bear Playgrounds Project

Rehabilitation of the Walker Island Park playground and the Nusatsum Park playground including site preparation, installation of play surfaces and playground equipment and water features,  park amenities such as benches and signage, as well as landscaping, vegetation and finishes.




Fraser Lake

Wastewater Lagoon Expansion Project

Construction of a fourth lagoon for flow equalization in the Fraser Lake wastewater treatment system including site preparation and grubbing, storm sewer, replacement of existing manhole, construction of a sanitary lift station and sanitary main from the lift station to flow control manhole, and installation of overflow piping, construction of perimeter fencing, and final grading of site.





Canoe Valley Recreation Centre Chiller Project

Replacement of an ammonia chiller at the Canoe Valley Recreation Centre including installation of a new chiller, valves, controls, piping, oil pot, pumps, insulation, safety monitoring system, signage, lighting, and integration of heat recovery system.





Robson Valley Recreation Centre Chiller Project

Replacement of the 25-year-old chiller system at the Robson Valley Recreation Centre in McBride including a new system that uses less ammonia than the existing system which will result in a safer and more energy-efficient facility.





Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Upgrades to existing activated sludge wastewater treatment and installation of a new aerated lagoon, UV system and sludge dewatering. This includes rehabilitation of existing lagoons, decommissioning of the existing wastewater treatment building, construction of a new building, and installation of headworks components.





Telegraph Creek Boat Launch and Dock

Replacement of a deteriorating boat launch and dock on the Stikine River including 'Riprap' and other shoreline retaining structures, a boat launch ramp, driving surface, landscaping, site finishing and signage.




Kitsumkalum Indian Band

Kitsumkalum Community Hall Upgrades

Upgrades to the Kitsumkalum Community Hall including, upgrades to the kitchen, repairs to the roof and gymnasium, installation of a fire suppression system, HVAC and back-up generator, and improvements to the interior for cultural accuracy.





Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Upgrades to the water treatment plant that supplies potable water to Masset and Old Masset on Haida Gwaii including chemical systems, piping, mixing tanks, metering pumps, replacement of electrical systems and controls, installation of a backup generator, analytical equipment, and a secondary containment system for liquid chemicals.




Nisga'a Village of Gitwinksihlkw

Ts'oohl Ts'ap Recreation Centre Upgrade

Expansion of the multi-use recreation centre will include second-floor expansion with a spectator viewing gallery, additional seating, games room, offices, a meeting room, council chamber, elevator, staircases, mechanical room, new washrooms, water main extension, and a fire alarm and sprinkler system for the entire building.




Prophet River First Nation

Ice Rink Facility

Construction of an outdoor ice rink which can also be used for ball hockey, basketball and tennis in the warmer months.




Taku River Tlingit First Nation

Taku River Tlingit First Nation and Atlin Area New Wastewater Treatment Facility

Construction of a new treatment lagoon to serve the Taku River Tlingit First Nation and Atlin area residents. The project includes a facultative lagoon, a septic dumping station and sani-dump station, an infiltration basin, roadworks fencing, and the decommissioning of the existing exfiltration lagoon and





Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sanitary Collection System Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the lagoon and exfiltration pond including installation of a grit chamber at the wastewater treatment plant; improvements to the collection system; inspection and repair of manholes and sanitary lines; installation of flow meters, standby generators and SCADA in sanitary lift stations;
repairs to the HDPE liner, berms, cell curtains and the exfiltration basin and installation of perimeter fencing.





Tl'etinqox Land Based Equine Therapy

Construction of a health facility to promote healing and reintegration for First Nations youth using equine-based programs including renovation of existing log cabins, construction of equine facilities and development of approximately 10 traditional living spaces and supporting infrastructure for potable water and septic.





Cultural Centre

Construction of a cultural centre to house various artifacts donated by the Saik'uz First Nation and to host cultural events and workshops.




West Moberly First Nations

Community Centre

Completion of the unfinished basement of the newly constructed Health Station building to provide space for activities such as performing arts and a place to pass on traditions of the community. Works include a dining and gathering room, a storage room, a kitchen, washrooms, HVAC and utility room.




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