Backgrounder: Canada and Ontario invest in roads and bridges for Southern Ontario communities


Backgrounder: Canada and Ontario invest in roads and bridges for Southern Ontario communities

Joint federal, provincial, and municipal funding through the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan will support four road and bridge projects in Southern Ontario.

The Government of Canada is investing over $9.9 million in these projects through the Rural and Northern Infrastructure Stream (RNIS). The Government of Ontario is contributing over $6.6 million, while the cities and townships involved will contribute more than $17.8 million combined to the projects.

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Federal Funding

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Municipal / Other Funding

City of Welland

Construction of the former Welland Canal crossing

Construction of a new, bridge over the Welland Canal that will improve traffic flow for motorists and pedestrians.




City of Niagara Falls

Reconstruction of sections of Drummer Road, Gallinger Street and Portage Road

Reconstruction of approximately 2.5 kilometres on Drummond Road (Thorold Stone Road to Morrison Street), Gallinger Street and Portage Road (Elizabeth Street to Althea Street). This will include a new road structure and surface; curb and gutter; sidewalks; and dedicated bike lanes. The reconstruction will increase safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and improve active transportation.




County of Norfolk

Replacement of Big Creek Bridge on Long Point causeway

Removal and replacement of the existing, one-lane Big Creek Bridge with a new 34.1 metre, two-lane structure, that will include two paved shoulders for pedestrians and cyclists. The projects will improve safety for users, increase active transportation, and improve traffic flow.




Township of West Lincoln

Reconstruction of St. Ann's Road

The reconstruction of approximately 1.5 kilometres of St. Ann's Road between Twenty Mile Road and Regional Road 20. Additionally, St. Ann's Bridge will be rehabilitated to improve road safety and reliability for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians; encourage more active transportation; support better traffic; and reduce maintenance costs.




*The federal and provincial governments are each contributing the maximum share of eligible costs for these projects, which are 40% and 33.33% respectively as per the requirements of the Canada-Ontario Integrated Bilateral Agreement. Contributions from municipalities may include both eligible and ineligible costs. Ineligible costs are expenditures that municipalities have chosen not to request reimbursement for or that cannot be reimbursed (e.g., property purchases, overhead costs).

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