Backgrounder: Canada invests in active transportation in Saskatchewan


Backgrounder: Canada invests in active transportation in Saskatchewan

Canada invests in active transportation in Saskatchewan

The Government of Canada is investing $1,905,502 through the Active Transportation Fund to support 17 active transportation infrastructure projects across Saskatchewan.

Project Information:


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Federal Funding

Town of Balcarres

Okanese Traditional Hiking Trail

Okanese First Nation will undertake a planning and design project to prepare for the construction of a trail in the community. The walking trail will allow individuals to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and secure manner.


Town of Broadview

Linking Pathway - Memory Park to Museum to Wildlife Lands

The Town of Broadview will develop a Master Plan to connect three community spaces with a pathway. This will include community consultation.


Resort Village of Candle Lake

Environmental Transportation - Bike Racks

The Resort Village of Candle Lake will install bike racks throughout the community to provide a place to securely store bikes. The project aims to promote healthy and environmentally conscious means of transportation for community members of all ages.


Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158

Multi-Use Pathway

The Rural Municipality of Edenwold No. 158 will construct a multi-use pathway along the busy Kingsmere Avenue, connecting an elementary school with the rest of the Emerald Park community. The new pathway will provide year-round access for all active transportation users.


Town of Kerrobert

Enhancing Interpretive Nature Trail

The Town of Kerrobert will enhance the existing Kerrobert Interpretive Nature Trail to increase the usage of different forms of active transportation on the trail.


Town of Leader

5 kilometre Walking Trail looping around entire town to provide safety, accessibility, and active living for all community members

The Town of Leader will construct 2.5 kilometres of multi-purpose pathways that will connect to the existing sidewalk infrastructure to form a 5 kilometre loop around the town. The project will provide the community and surrounding area with safe, accessible trails to help promote healthy, active lifestyles.


City of Melfort

Walking Trails

The City of Melfort will undertake an enhancement project that will pave 2.55 kilometres of the community’s existing pathways. Further additions will include benches, garbage and recycling cans, bike racks, and wayfinding signage throughout the system.


City of Moose Jaw

Trails & Pathways Master Plan

The City of Moose Jaw will develop a Moose Jaw Trails Master Plan that will provide the city with its first long-term planning document to guide the development of the multi-use trail into future.


City of North Battleford

Pioneer Avenue Sidewalk Expansion

The City of North Battleford will construct 236 metres of new sidewalk connecting the sidewalk from Battleford Road to 6th Avenue. This project will fill a large gap in the active transportation network by creating a safe sidewalk that residents can use to access nearby restaurants, businesses, and community centres.


City of North Battleford

Territorial Drive Walking Path

The City of North Battleford will construct 126 meters of walking path, creating a safe active transportation route for residents to access nearby restaurants and businesses.


City of Saskatoon

New Multi Use Pathway on Millar Avenue

The City of Saskatoon will conduct a planning project that will include the assessment, engagement, and design of a multi-use pathway on Millar Avenue from 43rd Street to Marquis Drive.


City of Saskatoon

College Drive Multi-Use Pathway Feasibility Assessment

The City of Saskatoon will undertake a feasibility assessment of the major intersections of the College Drive multi-use pathway between Preston Avenue and McOrmond Drive, including the Circle Drive interchange, Central Avenue at-grade intersection, McKercher Drive interchange, CP Rail overpass, and the McOrmond Drive interchange.


City of Saskatoon

Victoria Avenue planning study – Taylor Street to Ruth Street

The City of Saskatoon will conduct a planning project that will include an assessment of the existing conditions along Victoria Avenue from Taylor Street to Ruth Street, identification of opportunities and challenges, evaluation of alternatives, stakeholder engagement, and design  preparation.


City of Saskatoon

Active Transportation Street Team

The City of Saskatoon will conduct a planning project which will include the development of an Active Transportation Street Team program, creating materials to use and share as part of the education program, identifying key bike routes, securing an organization to deliver the program for two years, and monitoring, evaluating and refining the program.


Town of Turtleford

Active Transportation Revitalization Project*

The Town of Turtleford will rehabilitate 10km of trail and construct a new pedestrian bridge to link the existing trail to the Riverside Medical Complex in Turtleford.


Town of Waldheim

Sidewalks replacement

The Town of Waldheim will improve the existing active transportation network by replacing approximately 1 kilometre of old narrow sidewalks, adding crosswalks, and installing benches along the route.


Town of White City

Motherwell Drive Multi-Use Pathway

The Town of White City
will extend the town’s multi-use pathway network by constructing 560 meters of new multi-use pathway along Motherwell Drive from Emerald Ridge Elementary School to the intersection with Highway No. 48.


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*Federal funding is conditional on fulfilling all requirements related to consultation with Indigenous groups.


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