Map of PacifiCan Investments

Amazing things are happening across our province. Explore announced projects funded by PacifiCan near you. 
Find out how B.C. businesses, communities and organizations are driving economic growth and building enduring prosperity across the province.


Last Modified: 2024-12-06

How to use this interactive map

Interactive map

Click on a PacifiCan program placemark icon to view the project information in that location. This interactive map shows PacifiCan-funded programs across British Columbia.

Filtering table

Alternatively, go to the Projects filtering table and manually search the project's name name or select the box of a project on the map as a placemark and a pop-up will show key project information.

Please note this map reflects project information as originally announced and does not account for amendments or changes to the project.


Select from following PacifiCan programs to see funded projects across British Columbia:

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