Propelling B.C. Forward


[Government officials and Science World staff posing for a photo]

Propelling people

[Board Chair of New Relationship Trust speaking for an interview]

[Three men talking in front of a helicopter in a hangar]

[Government officials and Chinese Canadian Museum staff talking in the gallery]

Propelling partnerships

[Two men shaking hands at a business meeting]

[Government officials and Anaconda Systems staff conversing at an event]

[Closeup of a hand holding a clear plastic sample in a lab]

Propelling prosperity

[Two men conversing in front of a mechanical system]

[Government official speaking with UBC researcher in a lab]

[Closeup of hands using a precision measurement device]

Propelling B.C. forward

[UBC staff giving presentation in a lab]

[Government official and Novarc staff member conversing in front of mechanical device]

[Wooden rollercoaster at PlayLand]

[Government official conversing with Exploration Place staff member]

[Harbour Air seaplanes floating at the dock]

[UBC researchers conversing in a lab]

[PacifiCan wordmark]

[Government of Canada workmark]

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