The PNE is B.C.’s destination for play


Vancouver and even British Columbia used to be regional destinations and now we’re world class destinations.

The PNE is a cultural phenomenon and it's a place where people come to play, they’re welcome. We create play, a place to play, we host play, we produce play. And I think that's the fantastic part of working here is it's a different place every day because you never know what's going to happen here. And that's the magic of the place, it’s that people come here, they choose to come here with their family and friends to make memories or celebrate a life event. That's what's unique about the PNE.

PacifiCan is taking steps to ensure the PNE continues driving economic growth and delivering unforgettable experiences in our regions. So that is why today I am very pleased to announce $10 million in PacifiCan funding to support the future of the PNE.

The funding is really a recognition of the important economic generator that the PNE is delivering literally hundreds and thousands of jobs. We've got a lot of exciting projects on the horizon. The new rollercoaster is going to open in summer 2024.

Generations of great memories have started at the PNE, and I look forward to experience its magic in years to come.

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