Video of Vancouver’s Chinatown receives $1.8M to preserve its unique cultural heritage


As Vancouver has grown, so too has the Chinese Canadian community. But one thing that has remained a constant is this is the heart and soul of the Chinese Canadian community. Vancouver's Chinatown has become an enduring symbol of the strength and resilience of the Chinese Canadians and an important landmark of our city, our province, but I can also say of our country. This community is strong and focused on its future. And in the spirit today, I'm very happy to announce over $1.8 million to the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation. This neighborhood's coming back, and it's through the efforts that we're seeing, like the announcement today that are really making a difference. And I can tell you, people are getting really excited about the future of Chinatown. If we all work together like we are now I can guarantee you Chinatown will continue to get better and better. And I truly believe that our best days are ahead of us. You know, it's been many long years where, you know, things have been really difficult. And so when you have somebody like this that's coming out and really stepping up to the plate and bringing other levels of government, I think that we will look back and this will have been the turning point for Chinatown. Vancouver a connu une forte croissance, de même que la communauté sino-canadienne.

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