Federal Infrastructure Investment Projects - Fort Henry, Fort Wellington, Laurier House and Sir John Johnson House national historic sites


Parks Canada’s ability to meet its mandate of protecting and presenting national historic sites, national parks, heritage canals, national urban parks and national marine conservation areas in Canada is founded on its assets. More than just supporting visitors, these assets provide support for critical functions, such as transportation, water management, and services to residents and businesses, while being a source of shared pride for Canadians.

Several of Parks Canada administered properties in the eastern Ontario region are benefitting from this funding including Fort Henry, Fort Wellington, Laurier House and Sir John Johnson House national historic sites. This funding has been directed to six significant projects with further details listed below. Some projects were completed by the end of 2022, while others are set to begin this year.

Project descriptions


Fort Henry Redoubt Masonry Recapitalization:

Parks Canada will repoint deteriorated mortar, as well as replace and repair damaged stones as required, within the heritage masonry of the Fort Henry Redoubt. This project also includes the improvement of doors and windows and their replacement as needed.

Fort Henry West Branch Ditch Bridge Replacement:

The main operational and visitor access to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historic Site is provided by a vehicular bridge over the defensible west ditch. The intent of this project is to replace this bridge with a new vehicular timber/steel structure which will incorporate a new timber deck and railing system. Additionally, the access road will be reconstructed to accept the new structure and necessary strengthening/pointing work will be completed to the existing heritage masonry wall which will serve as the bridge’s abutments.

Fort Henry Gravity Sewer Installation:

Department of National Defense (DND) is re-aligning and replacing the sanitary sewer lines and relocating a pumping station for DND-owned properties located in the vicinity of Fort Henry National Historic Site. This DND-led project includes the construction of a new gravity sewer (approximately 400m) dedicated to serving Fort Henry National Historic Site on adjacent Parks Canada administered property. This project was completed at the end of 2022.

Laurier House Roof Replacement:

Parks Canada recently replaced the roof of Laurier House National Historic Site to protect the building from water infiltration and damage to interior structures. Work undertaken included: replacement of the main flat roof membrane and flashing details; replacement of the lower roof, composed of the same asphalt and gravel membrane; and, rehabilitation of the elevator mechanical room, including siding, vertical walls, and roof.

Sir John Johnson House Fire System:

Sir John Johnson House National Historic Site is one of the oldest surviving wood frame structures in Ontario. This project will focus on replacing the fire safety system that protects this site. Work undertaken will include the replacement of the fire alarm system, removal of the obsolete sprinkler system and onsite water and pressure system, and installation of the new sprinkler system.

Fort Wellington Wooden Fortification Replacement:

This project will complete the site's wooden fortifications and undertake the replacement of the north-eastern double palisade. While ensuring the heritage character-value of the site remains intact, the project will employ modern building techniques, using the innovative approach that was successfully proven through a first phase of renewal in 2020, to maintain fortification elements which will reduce long-term capital and maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of the wooden components.


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