Request for Victim Registration - Application Form

This is the official Parole Board of Canada (PBC) application form for individuals to register as a victim.

Download and complete this form and send it to the PBC or CSC office that you have been in contact with or the office nearest you. For a list of PBC offices, visit the web page "Parole Board of Canada – Contact Information." You may also register via the Victims Portal.

Because the PBC and CSC jointly coordinate their victim services, victims can submit their completed form to either organization.

Once you have been registered, you will receive a confirmation letter.

Important Information

Some web browsers may not let you see our PDF forms when you click on the link. In such cases, you will need to manually download the form and open it from your computer. Follow the instructions below to do so. Please also note that buttons on the form may not be compatible with some browsers and mobile device based PDF viewers.

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Why can’t I view the PDF form on my computer?

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For more information read Adobe’s Solutions to common issues viewing PDFs from a website.

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