Field and Maintenance Building

The Field and Maintenance Building (FMB) serves as a technical support building and includes spaces such as a maintenance garage and equipment storage. The FMB is restricted access, so visitors need to be accompanied by POLAR staff. There is also office space for POLAR staff. The FMB has been occupied by POLAR since April 2017.


Janice Lang, DRDC/DND

Maintenance garage

This garage provides a space to maintain and repair field equipment and building systems. The maintenance workshop has an overhead travelling bridge crane.

Equipment storage

Science and technology equipment, vehicles, dry goods and consumables can be stored in spaces that are temperature controlled (4°C minimum).

Diving facility

This facility allows field workers to prepare necessary equipment such as wet suits, scuba tanks, and marine exploration equipment. After returning from a dive, workers can rinse, dry, and maintain and store their diving equipment, and refill scuba tanks with compressed air.

Rock processing

This small lab is designed for cutting, grinding, and processing rock samples.

Wood workshop

This workshop supports general carpentry in support of fieldwork and maintenance.

Compost room

This room is placed directly below compost toilets and used to collect composting material which is removed to the landfill or municipal sewage system.

Marshalling/staging area

This is the first room field workers enter when returning from the field, and allows them to clean their tents and let equipment dry (before storing). It is a big open space with minimal heating.

Rough overflow space

As part of the maintenance/field building, the rough overflow space allows scientists to start processing scientific material from the field. They can divide their samples here before transporting them into the station's labs. This space is used mainly during peak summer-season.

Mechanical systems

The Field and Maintenance Building also houses the mechanical systems for the CHARS campus.

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