General Questions

General Questions

Q.     What is the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP)?
A.    The Northern Scientific Training Program is a supplementary granting program to offset the additional costs of northern research.

Q.    What is the purpose of the NSTP?
A.    To stimulate interest in northern studies, and provide opportunities for senior undergraduate and graduate students to obtain experience and professional training in the North.

Q.    Who is eligible for the NSTP?
A.    Students (Canadian citizens or permanent residents) enrolled in a degree Program at a recognized Canadian university. All student research must be tied to their thesis work. Post-doctoral studies are not supported.

Q.    What fields of research are supported by NSTP?
A.    Training funds support projects on northern topics from ALL disciplines (health, human/social, life and physical sciences) and in multi-disciplinary fields.

Q.    How can I use my NSTP fund?
A.    Program funds are intended to assist in defraying the additional costs attributable to northern research projects (transportation costs, living expenses, freight costs and some interpreter/translator fees).  Funds cannot be used to cover translation, licensing costs or to pay for fees or living expenses in southern Canada.

Q.    Can I apply to more than one university?
A.    Candidates cannot be allocated NSTP funds through more than one university in a research year.

Q.    How do I apply for the NSTP?
A.    Students are required to complete the necessary online forms ensuring that they follow the instructions outlined in the Student's Manual. Once the forms have been completed, they are to be submitted to the universities' Northern Studies Committee. Applications from individuals are not accepted.

Q.    What is the deadline for applying for NSTP funds?
A.    The NSTP deadline is December 1st. However students should contact their Northern Studies Committee to find out what the internal deadline is (generally early to mid-November).

Q.    Where do I find the forms?
A.    Available online at

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