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Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) is headquartered at and operates out of the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, so most POLAR employment opportunities will be in the North. POLAR also has an office presence in Ottawa. POLAR is committed to increasing representation of Nunavut Inuit in its workforce, and supports pre-employment training initiatives.

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work with national and international Arctic researchers
  • Enjoyable and inclusive working environment
  • Work-life balance and flexible working arrangements
  • Competitive wages and benefit
  • Continuous learning and career development
  • Opportunity to live in a Canadian Arctic community

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Administrative Assistant – Organizes the business affairs of a manager or director by gathering and analyzing information, helping to develop procedures and processes for the office, following up on decisions made at meetings, and coordinating supporting activities.

Entry Level Scientist – Prepares and carries out field-based research activities in support of science teams. Develops and maintains documentation for procedures and findings related to science and technology project initiatives and related requirements.

Science Officer – Participates in planning, organizing and coordinating the development of strategies, priorities, policies and programs.

Entry Level Researcher – Conducts research and literature reviews for addressing specific science, technology and environmental issues. Contributes to the gathering, analysis and interpretation of scientific data and the preparation of technical reports.

Researcher – Undertakes activities for scientific priority projects and initiates and coordinates research studies within a broad range of specializations of multi-disciplinary scientific and technical information.

Stéphanie Coulombe, Researcher

"As a permafrost researcher, CHARS provides an outstanding opportunity to conduct year-round research in collaboration with northern communities. Living and working in a northern community really has provided additional insights into the complexities of Indigenous cultures and the realities of northern living."

- Stéphanie Coulombe, Researcher

Laboratory Technicians – Entry level and Senior laboratory technicians provide technical data acquisition, assessment, processing and other services to support research, process and systems development and related project activities.

Aili Pedersen, Technician

"The work I do is important because I get to help researchers and scientists collect data while also learning how the ecosystems work in my home town. I love working for POLAR as a technician because the work I do doesn't feel like work – it's as if I get paid to play out in my own backyard."

Aili Pedersen, Technician -

Field Technicians – Entry level and Senior field technicians carry out data collection, compilation, assessment, processing and verification according to standards and procedures.

Technical Operations – Leads logistical and technical support for scientists, researchers, technologists and engineering experts. Investigates, evaluates and develops technical based recommendations for equipment, the effectiveness of various building systems, and data systems.

Facilities Management – Leads and manages POLAR's facilities and the development of POLAR's facilities, including laboratory spaces and construction. Manages upgrades, repairs and provides specialized technical expertise (i.e., structural, mechanical, and electrical, etc.).

Chris Chisholm, Facilities Manager

"Ensuring the CHARS facilities are available and accessible to the public, POLAR staff and visiting researchers for use in their respective fields is critical for these groups to achieve their objectives. The work is never dull, our people are dedicated and passionate, and there is a sense of accomplishment, all contributing to a workplace that is enjoyable and rewarding."

Chris Chisholm, Facilities Manager -

Analysts – Senior and Entry Level analysts contribute to the management of strategic issues and risk analysis closely linked to the Canadian horizontal policy agendas. Analysts provide strategic advice and support on northern engagement and community outreach, the development of tools and resources for researchers, translating science to knowledge, and capacity building. These roles also lead on pan-northern, international, and Indigenous engagement.

Communications – Entry Level and Senior communications officers develop, implement and support communications activities for POLAR, including media relations, outreach, events, social media, and other initiatives.

Human Resources – Manages POLAR's staffing initiatives and handles employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Plans, directs and coordinates the implementation of POLAR's Inuit Employment Plan.

Grants and Contributions – Program officers administer grants and contributions that support various initiatives of POLAR, such as its Northern Scientific Training Program and Open Competitive Funding Processes.

Finance – Supports all procurement, financial, and budgeting activities in support of POLAR's facilities and operations.

Summer Students – POLAR supports career development through summer student employment. Students are hired for a variety of roles supporting POLAR in the office and in the field.

Current job openings

Job openings will be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages when available.

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