Northern Housing Forum Knowledge Products

In May 2018, representatives from across Canada and Alaska gathered in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, for the Northern Housing Forum hosted by POLAR. Participants brought a wealth of knowledge covering social, technical, and financial housing-related issues.

The Forum generated a series of knowledge products, including six solution fact sheets, a meeting summary report and a policy recommendation report. Recommendations include:

  • Changing the structure and sporadic nature of housing investments;
  • Implementing an integrated systems-based approach to solving housing coordination by establishing a federal lead on northern housing and regional management boards;
  • Promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing across the North;
  • Supporting socio-economic research initiatives; and
  • Supporting Indigenous self-determination.

Knowledge products:

Solution Fact Sheets:

  1. Creating Supportive Housing HTML | PDF
  2. Engaging Communities and Homeowners HTML | PDF
  3. Combatting Mould HTML | PDF
  4. Building Capacity HTML | PDF
  5. Building Better Homes HTML | PDF
  6. Improving access HTML | PDF

Northern Housing Policy Recommendations HTML | PDF

Meeting Summary Report HTML | PDF

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