Personal Information Banks (PIBs) – Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan)

Grants and contributions (Gs&Cs) programs

Description: This bank describes applicant information where funding assistance has been applied for and/or approved under the various grants and contributions programs of Prairies Economic Development Canada. The personal information collected may include: full name(s) of individuals and titles of client and/or project representatives, contact information including name of the organization, amount of the grant or contribution, financial and/or credit information, and signatures. May also include the personal information for Boards of Directors of applicant groups.

Class of Individuals: General public, as well as representatives of clients and/or projects, private sector companies, organizations, associations, other levels of government, and groups that have applied for and/or been approved for funding assistance.

Purpose: Information is collected for the purpose of determining eligibility, assessing the applicant's request for financial assistance, corresponding with the applicant, and to monitor the progress of funded projects.

Consistent Uses: General information about approved funding, including the name of the client, the purpose of the funding, and total funding approved may be used in compilation of the Department's proactive disclosure of grants and contributions, in the Public Accounts, and statistical reports. However, these reports do not include a client and/or project representative's name or other personal information. Some personal information may be used to assess the grants and contribution programs through program audits or evaluations.

Retention and Disposal Standards: Project files are destroyed six years after last administrative action.

RDA Number: 99/032

Related Record Number: PEDC 100, PEDC 105, PEDC 110, PEDC 115, PEDC 200, PEDC 205, PEDC 210, PEDC 215, PEDC 300, PEDC 305

TBS Registration: 20091007

Bank Number: PEDC PPU 055

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