Tourism Growth Program (TGP) in the Prairie provinces

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Tourism drives economic development and diversification in many regions and communities across Canada. Delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies, the Tourism Growth Program provides $108 million over 3 years to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations in developing local tourism products and experiences. The program also complements other federal, provincial and territorial supports for the tourism industry.

The TGP contributes to the Federal Tourism Growth Strategy, which charts a course for long-term growth, investment, and stability in Canada’s tourism industry.

Indigenous applicants

Indigenous tourism is vital to the economic development and growth of Canada’s tourism industry and is a priority under the TGP. Through the $108 million TGP, approximately 15% will support Indigenous tourism initiatives.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants include:

Eligible activities

Eligible projects should provide added value to existing activities in the tourism industry and focus on business and economic growth. Priority may be given to projects that:

Financial assistance

For small and medium-sized enterprises:

For not-for-profit organizations:

Have a project idea?

To find out if your proposed project is eligible, or to get more details on the program, please send an email to the office of your location in the Prairies:

Only project concepts with the strongest merit and best alignment with the program priorities will be invited to complete a full application and undergo further assessment.

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