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Letter on Implementation of the Call to Action on Anti-Racism, Equity and Inclusion

Summer 2021 update

Dear Ms. Charette:

It is my sincere honor and privilege to write to you today in response to the Call to Action on Anti-racism, Equity and Inclusion in the Public Service, issued January 22nd, 2021.

With a mindset of continuous exchange, dialogue and collaboration, let me take this as the first of many opportunities to highlight concrete actions that the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) has been and will be undertaking to implement the Call to Action and combat racism, bolster diversity and equity, while fostering inclusion at the Centre. I will also elaborate on some of our planned activities that will enable us to deliver transformative change for Indigenous people, Black people and other racialized groups, persons with disabilities and members of LGBTQ2 communities within our organization.

I am a strong advocate of Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EEDI) and since my arrival in November 2020, I have taken deliberate actions to deliver concrete results and meaningful initiatives that will help bring the needed cultural changes to our organization. As an example, FINTRAC was one of the first public sector organizations to join Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s 50-30 challenge. I am proud to champion our commitment to improve access for women, racialized persons including Black Canadians, people who identify as LGBTQ2, persons living with disabilities, as well as First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples to positions of influence and leadership on committees and in senior management.

I also have the support of our Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Karen Figuerola, who has recently taken on the EEDI Champion role within FINTRAC. As a leader, belonging to one of the designated employment equity groups, and as an individual who, given her own diverse upbringing, brings passion and humanity to the importance of true inclusion and diversity, Karen has been actively engaged and has joined other CHRO’s in the public service in signing the Statement of Action Against Systemic Racism, Bias, and Discrimination in the Public Service. Furthermore, as FINTRAC’s Designated Senior Official for Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, she will continue to engage, contribute and collaborate with the Centre on Diversity and Inclusion at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. 

Setting the Stage

Of the nine actions in the Call to Action, our initial focus has been placed on raising awareness and building engagement as the foundational pieces and setting my expectations for our leadership cadre to ensure that we can raise the bar on this key file.

Staffing and talent acquisition, as well as targeted leadership development initiatives are also well underway, as outlined below and will continue to be expanded upon and integrated into our EEDI Action Plan that is currently under development.

Finally, Annex A has been included to provide you with a snapshot of FINTRAC’s demographic profile, as of March 31, 2021.

Challenges and Barriers

As a small (less than 500 employees) separate agency within the High Security Organizations (HSO) community, we do face some unique and common challenges, but I also see a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on our small size and agility to break down barriers and mitigate challenges. Through active engagement with our passionate and dynamic workforce and a focus on concrete actions and investments, I expect to see a tangible culture shift and lasting positive impacts.

Creating a more inclusive and diverse organization hinges on having access to the best data possible and this is currently a challenge given the limitations of our current HR system, which hinders our reporting and monitoring capacity. However, as part our Digital Strategy, we are investing in the implementation of a new Human Capital Management system over the next year to provide us with improved data and reporting capacity, which will help us to optimize the delivery of EEDI programs and services and enhance our data analytics to inform agile decision making. Additionally, with real-time analytics and data at our fingertips, we will be in a position to continuously measure progress on EEDI and identify areas of improvement to eliminate barriers and biases from core people management programs such as staffing and talent acquisition, leadership development, talent management and employee experience. Furthermore, we are closely following the work that the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer is doing to modernize the self-identification process and intend to align with it and conduct a self-identification campaign to ensure that we are accurately capturing our demographics.

A dedicated resource has also been put in place to actively lead the Centre’s efforts, initiatives and programs directly aimed at combatting racism and bolstering our commitment to EEDI.

Awareness and Engagement Initiatives

Diversity without inclusion is not enough. A key component to fostering inclusion is through raising awareness and creating opportunities to increase engagement. On this front, the Centre is currently engaged in the following:

Staffing and Talent Acquisition Initiatives

Recognizing the existence of representation gaps, the Centre is actively working to close these gaps and increase its diversity through such activities as:

Employee Development Initiatives

We are investing in developing inclusive leadership skills and in establishing a sense of belonging and trust for all employees, as well as those joining us now and in the future, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender expression by taking concrete and transparent steps.

Results Monitoring and Accountability

In order to continue raising the bar and shift the corporate culture, the Centre recognizes that it needs to monitor results and ensure accountability. It will be doing so through some of the following initiatives:

In closing, we have an ambitious agenda at the Centre, and I look forward to keeping you abreast of my agency’s progress in creating a more inclusive and diverse organization. While the task at hand is by no means small, it is long overdue and as you indicated, a true test of our leadership as leaders in the public service and I welcome this challenge.

Sarah Paquet
Director and Chief Executive Officer

Annex A – Demographic Information

2020-2021 employment equity representation

Designated groups

FINTRAC representation

Workforce availability




Visible minorities



Persons with disabilities



Indigenous peoples



Total Population: 412 Employees

2020-2021 Hires

77 Hires  

2 Indigenous people


15 Visible minorities, including 1 Black


2020-2021 Departures

31 Departures  

1 Indigenous person


7 Visible minorities


2020-2021 Executive Hires

7 Hires  

1 Visible minority


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