Raison d’être, mandate and role : who we are and what we do

Raison d’être

The Privy Council Office:

  • supports the development and implementation of the Government of Canada's policy and legislative agendas;
  • coordinates responses to issues facing the Government and the country; and
  • supports the effective operation of Cabinet.

PCO is led by the Clerk of the Privy Council, who also serves as Secretary to the Cabinet and Head of the Public Service.

Mandate and role

PCO serves Canada and Canadians by providing advice and support to the Prime Minister, portfolio ministers, and Cabinet.

PCO’s three main roles are to:

  1. Provide professional non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister, portfolio ministers, Cabinet and Cabinet committees on matters of national and international importance.
  2. Ensure that the Cabinet decision-making process runs smoothly and help implement the Government’s agenda.
  3. Foster a high-performing and accountable Public Service.

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