Deputy Minister committees


Deputy Minister Committees serve to:

  • advance integrated policy development in support of government priorities and medium-term planning;
  • strengthen government-wide policy coherence; and
  • deepen and extend deputy minister and departmental engagement in pursuit of a whole of government approach to medium term management, human resource and policy planning.
Committee mandates and membership 
Name Mandate Members
    *Janice Charette was appointed Interim Clerk March 9, 2021.
**The Clerk and Deputy Clerk are ex-officio members of all committees.
Coordinating Committee of Deputy Ministers
Forum to discuss the implementation of the Government's policy agenda and priorities, including ensuring alignment of the work of deputy minister committees.
Shugart, Ian (Chair);
Charette, Janice (Chair)*;
Drouin, Nathalie; Flack, Graham; Jennings, Philip; Kennedy, Simon; Lucas, Stephen; Morgan, Marta; Sabia, Michael; Tremblay, Jean-François; Wallace, Peter
Committee of Senior Officials
Functions as the human resources committee for the senior executive cadre of the public service.
Shugart, Ian (Chair); Charette, Janice (Chair);
Donoghue, Christine; Drouin, Nathalie; Kennedy, Simon; Morgan, Marta; Sabia, Michael; Sherman, Janine; Thomas, Jody; Wallace, Peter
Board of Management and Renewal
Provide a forum to advance the management agenda and the renewal of the Public Service, with a focus on supporting efforts to build an increasingly agile, inclusive, and equipped Public Service.
Shugart, Ian (Chair); Charette, Janice (Chair);
Donoghue, Christine; Flack, Graham; Forbes, Chris; Glover, Paul; Matthews, Bill; Sherman, Janine; Thomas, Jody; Wallace, Peter; Xavier, Caroline
Economic Frameworks and Inclusive Growth
Focus on timely implementation of key economic initiatives, and assess the impact of policies on inclusive growth.
Flack, Graham (Co-Chair); Tremblay, Jean-François (Co-Chair); Forbes, Chris; Gillis, Kelly; Jennings, Philip; Kennedy, Simon; Meddings, James; Sabia, Michael; Tapley, Catrina
Social Development and Wellbeing
Focus on timely implementation of key social initiatives. Lucas, Stephen (Co-Chair); Tapley, Catrina (Co-Chair); Gibbons, Annette; Gideon, Valerie; Kelly, Anne; Laroche, Yazmine; Roy, Guylaine; Stewart, Iain; Wilson, Gina
Climate Change and Energy
Focus on timely implementation of measures to fight climate change and transition to a low carbon economy and clean energy.
Forbes, Chris (Co-Chair); Gillis, Kelly (Co-Chair); Hogan, Christine; Isaak, Paula; Jones, Dylan; Keenan, Michael; Sargent, Timothy; Thompson, Paul; Tremblay, Jean-François; Tupper, Shawn
Indigenous Reconciliation
Focus on managing the political and operational issues related to implementation of the Indigenous reconciliation agenda; facilitate horizontal engagement on major initiatives. Drouin, Nathalie; Fox, Christiane; Isaak, Paula; Mondou, Isabelle; Quan Watson, Daniel Lee; Sargent, Timothy; Tremblay, Jean-François; Tupper, Shawn
Foreign Policy and Defence Focus on comprehensive, structured implementation of the trade and foreign policy agenda in international relations, including targeted international development. Morgan, Marta (Co-Chair); Thomas, Jody (Co-Chair); Bruce, Shelly; Forbes, Chris; Hannaford, John; Ledwell, Paul; MacLean, Leslie; Morrison, David; Rigby, Vincent; Tremblay, Jean-François; Vigneault, David; Xavier, Caroline
Intergovernmental Relations
Focus on horizontal policy and operations issues related to the federation and FPT coordination, including with Indigenous groups, as well as on issues pertaining to remote and rural areas / place-based solutions.
Brassard, Manon; Flack, Graham; Fox, Christiane; Hassan, Sandra; Jones, Dylan; Lucas, Stephen; Quan Watson, Daniel Lee; Tapley, Catrina; Tremblay, Jean-François
Governance in a Digital Age
Issues and priorities around democratic institutions and broader trends in democracy, including impact of digital advances on democracy, institutions and society. Considerations around privacy and use of data.
Kennedy, Simon (Co-Chair); Mondou, Isabelle (Co-Chair); Daigle, François; Namiesniowski, Tina; O'Gorman, Erin; Stewart, Rob
National Security Considers current and emerging issues affecting Canada’s national security, including implications for Canada’s economy. Stewart, Rob (Co-Chair); Thomas, Jody (Co-Chair); Bruce, Shelly; Drouin, Nathalie; Keenan, Michael; Lucki, Brenda; Mithani, Siddika; Morgan, Marta; Ossowski, John; Paquet, Sarah; Rigby, Vincent; Sabia, Michael; Stewart, Iain; Tapley, Catrina; Thompson, Paul; Vigneault, David
Litigation Management
Forum for horizontal discussion of the policy, financial and legal implications of litigation involving the Government of Canada, including contingent liability management. Drouin, Nathalie (Co-Chair); Chahwan, Nancy; Fox, Christiane; Leswick, Nick; Mondou, Isabelle; Ossowski, John
Digitization of Services
Focuses on strategy and priority setting for digitization of services.
Shugart, Ian (Co-Chair); Charette, Janice (Co-Chair); Wallace, Peter (Co-Chair); Gideon, Valerie; Hamilton, Bob; Ledwell, Paul; MacDonald, Lori; Matthews, Bill; Ossowski, John; Xavier, Caroline
Core Services
Focuses on the transformation of core services.
Glover, Paul (Co-Chair); Wallace, Peter (Co-Chair); Flack, Graham; MacDonald, Lori; Tapley, Catrina
Enterprise Priorities and Planning
Focuses on an integrated approach to IT strategies across the enterprise.
MacDonald, Lori (Co-Chair); Wallace, Peter (Co-Chair); Bruce, Shelly; Glover, Paul; Hamilton, Bob; Ledwell, Paul; Matthews, Bill; Xavier, Caroline
Strategic Procurement Committee
Develop rigorous, efficient advice on large, complex procurement programs.
Matthews, Bill (Co-Chair); Sargent, Timothy (Co-Chair); Brassard, Manon; Chahwan, Nancy; Huppé, Roch; Keenan, Michael; Kennedy, Simon; MacDonald, Lori; Perron, Sony
Public Service Management Advisory Committee
Forum for discussion of the public service management agenda, including approaches for external recruitment. Wallace, Peter (Co-Chair); Donoghue, Christine (Co-Chair); Arora, Anil; Beauregard, Monik; Borbey, Patrick; Brassard, Manon; Bruce, Shelly; Chahwan, Nancy; Daigle, François; Forbes, Chris; Gideon, Valerie; Gillis, Kelly; Hamilton, Bob; Hanson, Lawrence; Hogan, Christine; Huppé, Roch; Isaak, Paula; Jennings, Philip; Jones, Dylan; Kelly, Anne; Kochhar, Harpreet; Laroche, Yazmine; Ledwell, Paul; Leswick, Nick; MacKinnon, Paul; MacLennan, Christopher; McGuire, Francis; Meddings, James; Mithani, Siddika; Namiesniowski, Tina; O'Gorman, Erin; Paquet, Sarah; Perron, Sony; Roy, Guylaine; Sarantakis, Taki; Sherman, Janine; Stringer, Kevin; Thangaraj, Arun; Thompson, Kathy; Thompson, Paul; Tremblay, Jean-François; Vandergrift, Michael; Vigneault, David; Wilson, Gina; Xavier, Caroline
Canada School of Public Service Advisory Committee
Provides the CSPS with strategic advice and direction.
Gibbons, Annette; Donoghue, Christine; Laroche, Yazmine; Meddings, James; Perron, Sony; Quan Watson, Daniel Lee; Sarantakis, Taki; Sherman, Janine; Vandergrift, Michael
Supporting documents

Deputy Minister Committee Mandates and Memberships [PDF - 46 KB]

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