National case definition: Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

Date of last revision: May 2008
Date of last review: May 2008

National notification

Only confirmed cases of disease should be notified.

Type of surveillance

Routine case-by-case notification to the federal level

Case classification

Confirmed case

Clinical illness (see Clinical evidence section) with laboratory confirmation of infection:

  • Detection of IgM antibodies to hantavirus
  • or
  • Detection of a significant (e.g. fourfold or greater) increase in hantavirus-specific IgG antibody titres
  • or
  • Detection of hantavirus RNA in an appropriate clinical specimen
  • or
  • Detection of hantavirus antigen by immunohistochemistry

Clinical evidence

Clinical illness is characterized by:

  • a febrile illness (temperature > 38.3°C (101°F) oral) requiring supplemental oxygen
  • and
  • bilateral diffuse infiltrates (may resemble acute respiratory distress syndrome [ARDS])
  • and
  • develops within 72 hours of hospitalization in a previously healthy person
  • or
  • An unexplained illness resulting in death with an autopsy examination demonstrating non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema without an identifiable specific cause of death

ICD code(s)

  • ICD-10
    • B33.4 Hantavirus (cardio-) pulmonary syndrome
  • ICD-9 CM
    • 079.81 Hantavirus

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