Ticks and tick-borne diseases

Preventing tick bites, removing a tick, tick-borne diseases and common types of ticks in Canada

Ticks and tick bites

Ticks in Canada

Learn about the most common ticks in Canada

How to prevent tick bites

Learn how to prevent tick bites and reduce tick habitats around your home

How to remove a tick

Learn how to properly remove an attached tick

Tick-borne diseases

Lyme disease

Symptoms, treatment, prevention, risks, monitoring, information for health professionals

Powassan virus disease

Symptoms, treatment, prevention, risks, information for health professionals

Stay informed

Interactive activities

Interactive activities

Teach your kids about ticks with fun interactive games, videos and more.

Awareness resources

Awareness resources

Ticks and tick bite prevention educational resources including videos, infographics, and posters.

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