Infographic: Tackling Lyme disease in Canada

We are focusing our actions in 3 areas:


  • Strengthen current efforts and create a national tick surveillance system
  • Expand data collection to include people who may not meet the formal case definition for Lyme disease
  • Conduct analysis of the costs associated with Lyme disease
  • Continue to assess the current and future risk of Lyme disease in Canada and work with our partners on innovative methods on surveillance

Education and Awareness

  • Support health professionals by developing education materials in prevention and diagnosis
  • Enhance national awareness about Lyme disease through education and awareness campaigns

Guidelines and Best Practices

  • Inform guidelines and best practices through the creation of a Lyme disease research network
  • Support laboratory diagnostic testing
  • Work with international partners to share best practices
  • Consult on innovative and evidence-based ways to address patients needs

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Organization: Public Health Agency of Canada

Published: 2017-05-30

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