How to Lower Your Fall Risk

Falls can be a serious risk to your health and safety. Here are some tips on how to avoid falls:

  • Stop and smell the roses: take your time, don't rush when walking or getting up
  • Keep stairs and walkways free of clutter, ice or snow
  • Use hand rails and grab bars to keep you steady on your feet
  • Balance your body through good nutrition, hydration, and gentle stretching exercises
  • Keep an eye on your vision and get your sight checked regularly
  • Know what you are taking: talk to your pharmacist or doctor as some medications may make you prone to dizziness and falling
  • Put your best foot forward in well-fitting, sturdy shoes
  • Light up your life…and your hallways, stairs, and walkways!
  • Check your home for slipping and tripping hazards
  • Ask for help if you are worried about falling

Just in case…be prepared for what to do if you fall or witness a fall.
See the Public Health Agency of Canada’s helpful publications


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