Bullying: no laughing matter

Transcript - Bullying - No Laughing Matter

Transcript - Bullying - No Laughing Matter

(Animation of child on roller coaster plays.)

Child One: Oh, boy, here we go!

Child Two: Yahoo! Woo!

(Images of taunting children appear.)

Child Three: Hey, hey, hey. What's the matter, Jacob? You're not enjoying the ride?

Child Two: What's the matter? You scared?

Child Three: Scaredy-cat.

Child Two: Jacob.

Child Four: Hey, Jacob. What's for lunch? My lunch, that is.

(Animation of roller coaster transitions to student's perspective of school bus ride.)

Male Voice-Over: For Jacob, even places like the school bus have become a playground for bullies.

(Image of school bus interior appears.)

Male Voice-Over: Does your child go through this kind of scary ride every day? Would he even tell you if he did? Could your child be the bully?

(visual: HealthyCanadians.gc.ca)

Male Voice-Over: You have access to information about how to deal with bullying. For parents and for kids at HealthyCanadians.gc.ca

(visual: Government of Canada wordmark with copyright information)

(visual: Canada wordmark with animated Canadian flag)

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