Charlotte’s vaccination story



(A slide show of photos shows a baby growing up with her family: her mother, father and older sister.)

(Slide 1: A slow zoom out from a close up of a young infant.)

On-screen text: We are Amanda and Jason Reynaert. This is our daughter Charlotte. She was a textbook baby and completed our family.

(Slide 2: A slow zoom in on a young toddler being carried on a forest trail by her parents. Her older sister is nearby.)

On-screen text: But as a toddler, she caught a virus, and suddenly lost muscle strength. We were sent to a specialist.

(Slide 3: A slow zoom out from a toddler who is being embraced by an older sister.)

On-screen text: We found out that she has a rare genetic muscle disease. Charlotte’s health could be seriously threatened by illnesses like the flu, chicken pox or measles.

(Slide 4: A slow zoom in on a toddler who is being embraced by her mother.)

On-screen text: We were so scared. We never thought this would happen to our child.

(Slide 5: A slow zoom out from a toddler who is smiling at the camera.)

On-screen text: We reached out to our community. We told them that Charlotte needed them to be vaccinated to keep her safe.

(Slide 6: A slow zoom in on a toddler who is laughing with her sister in a kitchen.)

On-screen text: They rallied around her. They updated their vaccines and got their flu shots to protect Charlotte.

(Slide 7: A slow zoom out from a slightly older toddler who is smiling and playing outside.)

On-screen text: Charlotte is now a funny, sassy and determined toddler. It is our privilege to raise her in a community that protects her.

On-screen text: A message from the Government of Canada.

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