Colton’s vaccination story



(A photo slideshow shows a baby growing up with his family and struggling in the hospital. Photos feature a mother, father, and 4 young brothers.)

(Slide 1: A slow zoom out from a family smiling on the couch, a mother is in the middle holding an infant.)

On-screen text: My name is Shannon. I’m the mother of 4 boys. This is our flu story.

(Slide 2: A slow zoom in on an infant being held by his older brother.)

On-screen text: Our third son, Colton, was born in October 2013. When Colton was 15 weeks old, his big brother caught the flu. It was February.

(Slide 3: A slow zoom out from an infant’s face.)

On-screen text: A few days later, Colton caught the flu from his brother. He stopped breathing. He turned blue.

(Slide 4: A slow zoom in on an infant lying in a hospital crib, attached to several medical devices.)

On-screen text: I thought we would lose him. His flu swab was positive. No one in our family had the flu shot that year.

(Slide 5: A slow zoom out on an infant who is smiling and sitting upright in a baby seat.)

On-screen text: Colton was in the hospital for a week. We were so thankful to take him home with us.

(Slide 6: A slow zoom in on the whole family standing in a farm field. The children appear older than in previous photos.)

On-screen text: Colton is a big brother now. And everyone in our family gets their flu shot.

On-screen text: A message from the Government of Canada.

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