COVID-19: Combine ventilation with other individual public health measures

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A breathing manikin is seen in a black room wearing a shirt with the word “Canada” printed on it. The manikin exhales respiratory particles that appear as white smoke at regular intervals. A range hood is above the manikin’s head and the exhaled smoke immediately gets sucked in it.

Narration: Good ventilation can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Run exhaust fans and open windows and doors when possible.

The scene changes slightly and now instead of a range hood, a window is now visible beside the manikin. The window is open and the smoke disappears through the window as the mannequin continues to exhale smoke.

Narration: Combine ventilation with other individual public health measures such as wearing a mask or respirator

A manikin is now seen properly wearing a well-fitting respirator. No exhaled smoke escapes the mask.

Narration: and choosing lower risk settings such as uncrowded spaces

Two manikins wearing respirators are seen sitting opposite one another at a distance.

Narration: to help protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

The four scenarios come together on a screen split four ways.

Narration: Learn more about ventilation and other individual public health measures at

Text on screen:

Narration: A message from the Government of Canada

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