Coming back from COVID-19: Ariane’s story



Before I developed COVID-19, I didn't think it would affect me.

I don't know how I was exposed. It could have happened anywhere-at work, at the grocery store. I was expecting it to be like the flu, but it worsened so quickly.

An image on screen appears: Ariane on a hospital bed wearing a mask.

I started having severe headaches, vomiting, and I was very scared that I would pass it on to my loved ones-my boyfriend, my parents, my family...I was very scared.

An image on screen appears: Ariane with a loved one. They are both smiling.

I'm feeling fine now. I no longer have any symptoms. I even went back to work three weeks ago.

I wanted to share my story because often, young people feel invincible when it comes to this virus, and I think it's important to be aware and continue following the rules.

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