Hand-washing heroes - Described video



Hey kids, wash your hands for 20 seconds to stop germs from spreading.

(We see a boy and a girl at the sink getting ready to wash their hands.)

20 seconds is the same time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song two times in a row! On your mark, get set, wash!

(We see a digital stopwatch appear. It's counting the seconds.)

Voice hums the happy birthday song.

Wet your hands with warm water.

(We see the children's hands turning on a tap.)

Now use soap and make lots of bubbles.

(We see the children's hands lathering up with soap and making bubbles.)

Wash the front and back of your hands. Great job!

(We see the hands being washed front and back.)

Don't forget to wash between your fingers. You can do it!

(We see the hands being washed in between the fingers.)

Now rinse and dry your hands really, really well.

(We see the hands being rinsed under the tap and dried with paper towel.)

The humming stops and the stopwatch dings.

Hooray! Now you're hand-washing heroes!

(We see the children standing proudly showing off their clean hands. they are wearing hero masks and capes.)

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