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I never even thought for a million years that HIV would be something that I would end up living with.

I'm Dave Miller. I'm 47 years old. I was brought up in Coal Harbor. My family comes from Indian Brook First Nation.

Text on screen: Dave Living with HIV

So, this is almost 16 years ago now. I was unwell for what seemed like months. And so, I went to the doctor and I just said, you know, something's got to be wrong here. They basically said everything came back good, except you tested positive for HIV.

And that was really right then when I thought that was... That was it for me. That was my... the end of my life, basically.

Just about a year after my diagnosis, I was at an all time low in my life. My best friend is like, what is your problem? Like, I was just mad all the time.

And so, that's when he introduced me to Healing Our Nations. A light went off and I was like, oh my gosh, this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

So this is my office. I don't spend a lot of time in here because I'm a community health educator, so I'm out in the community. I've tailored myself to this career. I've been able to share and talk to people all over the world.

So, I pride myself and say, you can ask me anything, anything you want to know, because people don't get an opportunity to just sit in front of somebody that's living with HIV because of that stigma and discrimination that's out there.

I don't know where the baking powder is. Maybe behind, on the left.

Text on screen: Tracie Dave's roommate

You know, there's sometimes, you know, I've been sitting and talking with a group of people, and when I tell them, you can hear. I've heard chairs like back up as if to be like, oh, I'm too close to this guy, or... But most of the time, you know, they want to give me a hug at the end.

I take these every day, once a day. I started treatment 14 years ago and within six months I had an undetectable viral load, meaning I cannot pass HIV to anybody, through unprotected sex, which is huge.

There is a huge population of people there that aren't aware of this, and they're living with HIV. This needs to be yelled from the highest mountains because it's big news.

Treatment gave me back part of my life that I thought was gone.

I mean, there's so many pieces that play into treatment, it's not just taking pills. It's accepting. Then you can move forward. You can't live life through fear. It's not a death sentence. And I thought it was. And here I am, 16 years later. Healthier than I've ever been. A little chubbier, a little grayer. But I'm doing all right.

Text on screen: Treatment can stop HIV from being passed on. Get the facts about HIV. Visit Canada.ca/HIV.

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