Dementia project – Lyne (30 sec)

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Lyne: You've got to stay active, eh, when you have Alzheimer's disease. It's necessary to adapt all the time.

(Lyne, a middle-aged woman, is browsing the shelves of a library. Later, she reads a book entitled Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia.)

Lyne: I have all kinds of tools that I use… to be a little bit more zen.

(Lyne sits at a table with her husband Pierre, who is watching her handle Scrabble tiles. Later, they sit on a couch and talk.)

Pierre: There are beautiful years yet, we must take advantage of them. You can't ruin life thinking about what's going to happen later.

(At the dinner table, the couple laughs heartily as they play Scrabble.)

Lyne: I can still go on many more trips. Of course, with someone keeping an eye out, just in case.

Lyne: But we can do a lot more things.

(A succession of Lyne and Pierre's travel photos scroll by. Lyne strikes a pose on a beach, smiling, and then both are on a snowy plain, looking happy. Finally, Lyne is sitting on a rock overlooking a forest and a stream. Text appears, Dementia might look different than you expect.

(The Government of Canada logo appears.)

Narration: A message from the Government of Canada.

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