Health data in Canada

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The following video uses colourful animation to represent people, places and things. The screen of an electro cardio gram machine shows a pulsing line over the image of a beating heart.

Narration: Health data can be many things. It can be the number of heart disease cases in Canada or the number of people who undergo regular health screenings.

A doctor is meeting with a patient and discussing health-test results.

Narration: When health data is collected and shared, we can learn more about our own health and public health – which is the health of our community and our country.

A series of health-related icons float into view against a backdrop. Lines appear showing how the many aspects of our health are interconnected.

Narration: Health data can be used to look at disease trends and help find new ways to respond. For example, data showing the causes of concussions led to helmet use for hockey players, cyclists and athletes in other sports.

A group of health professionals examine the image of a brain that has been injured.

A hockey player. A cyclist. And a snowboarder rolls across the screen.

Narration: We've learned a lot from health data. There is more data available today and so there's still much more to learn – when we share it.

Images of a chart showing patterns and data that have been collected. A man surrounded by health icons fades into the shape of a generic person.

Narration: The Public Health Agency of Canada always takes steps to respect and protect your privacy when it gathers and uses data.

A group of health professionals are looking at a large screen on the wall that features a wide range of health data.

Narration: The overall goal of using health data is to improve and safeguard the health of Canadians.

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