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I have been living with HIV for almost 25 years. 15 of those years I went undiagnosed. By the time I was diagnosed, I only had six weeks left to live.

My name is She Who Walks With Angels. My English name is Karrie.

Text on screen: Karrie. Living with HIV.

One time back in the 90s, the condom broke. You don't really think of it, right? I lost 200 pounds doing absolutely nothing. And I went to my doctor. He didn't investigate it because I'm not a gay man. I don't use intravenous drugs. And I always used a condom. Nobody ever thought to just do a simple blood test.

After being told I was HIV positive, I was very devastated because I thought my life was over. I thought my husband, James, this wonderful man who, who's my soulmate. You know, I can't put him at risk. He said, it's okay. We'll do this together.

Text on screen: James. Karrie's husband.

And I started treatment. The amount of HIV copies in the blood dropped so fast I was undetectable within six months. Which means you cannot pass on the HIV to anybody. And that for me, is wonderful security.

I want my tale to be a cautionary tale. There is not enough education about HIV. And now I am a researcher working on a global project surrounding sexual rights, human rights. It's phenomenal that I am making a meaningful impact, and I can't wait to see where this takes me.

Text on screen: Treatment can stop HIV from being passed on. Get the facts about HIV. Visit Canada.ca/HIV.

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