Laurie’s vaccination story



(A photo slideshow shows a woman and her family at different times in her life.)

(Slide 1: A slow zoom in on a mother and her 2 adult daughters smiling at the camera.)

On-screen text: My name is Laurie. I contracted measles when I was 12 during a family vacation.

(Slide 2: A slow zoom out from an old photo of a young woman.)

On-screen text: A child at the same vacation spot was diagnosed with measles. Almost 2 weeks later, I started to feel sick. I went to bed early.

(Slide 3: A slow fade in on a severe rash.)

On-screen text: The next day, I was in agony. My head pounded. My eyes burned. My ears rung. I just shook. Then came the rash. It was everywhere. I was scared I might die.

(Slide 4: A slow zoom in on the same woman with her 2 young daughters.)

On-screen text: My ears were permanently damaged. To this day, they constantly ring and I have vertigo. I still suffer from blinding headaches. When I became a mother, I lived in mortal terror that my kids would catch the measles.

(Slide 5: A slow zoom out from the mother in present day smiling with her husband and young grandchildren.)

On-screen text: I am now a proud mother and grandmother. All of my children and grandchildren are vaccinated, so they will never have to go through what I did.

On-screen text: A message from the Government of Canada.

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