Lyme disease video: Stay tick-free

Transcript - Lyme disease video: Stay tick-free

Animated video.

A park setting, next to a wooded area.  Mature trees, flowers and birds are visible.  We see a walking path near long grass.

Narrator: Ah, there it is!

The camera zooms in onto the long grass.  A magnifying glass rises and shows a tick on a long blade of grass.

Narrator: The black-legged tick. It seems innocent enough right now, but he's waiting for a meal.

The tick opens its eyes and licks its lips.

Narrator: Ticks need blood to survive, and here comes a tasty treat!

A little girl and her mother come down the walking path.

Narrator: That's right! Humans are a good source of warm blood. Oh, but the humans stay in the middle of the trail!

The tick stretches out its forward legs to try to latch onto the girl and mother as they pass.

Narrator: Ticks don't jump or fly…and he can't reach that far! But there's another human!

A teenage boy playing soccer kicks the ball into the long grass. He is wearing long pants.

The tick latches onto the boy's pants.

Narrator: Look, this one brushes against the tall grass and the tick is aboard!

Narrator: Bad news for the human, especially if this tick has Lyme disease.

The boy juggles the ball around with his feet.

Text on screen reads:  Possible symptoms are fever, skin rash, joint pain and headache.

Narrator: Lyme disease can cause serious illnesses.

Narrator: A nasty little present indeed.  There! He finds a cozy spot on his victim…

Close-up of the tick on the boy's pants. The tick bites down and shakes its head in disgust.

Narrator: …and bites down into….. a pant leg? Yuck!

The tick moves up near the boy's under arm.

Narrator: Foiled but still hungry, he searches for some exposed skin.

Close-up on the tick.  Stars twirl around the dizzy tick's head. A can of bug spray appears on screen.

Narrator: But…wait…. The human was smart enough to apply bug spray containing DEET before going outside!  Frustrated again by humans who are guarding well against his attacks,

The tick falls off the human, back to its starting place on the long grass. The boy leaves and continues to play soccer.

Narrator: …the tick will be forced to move on to his more traditional meal…

Narrator: …The common white-tailed deer.

Zoom-in on a deer watching in the forest.

The deer looks surprised, then alarmed.

Narrator: To learn more about Lyme disease, visit

A message from the Government of Canada.

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