Minister Goodale Responds to 2016 Fall Reports of the Auditor General of Canada


Ottawa, November 29, 2016 – Today Michael Ferguson, the Auditor General of Canada, tabled his 2016 Fall Reports. The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, responded with the following statement: 

“I welcome the findings and recommendations in the Auditor General’s reports on Preparing Indigenous Offenders for Release and the Beyond the Border Action Plan, largely relating to the period prior to my becoming Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. We are taking action to address them.

Our government is seized with the issue of overrepresentation of Indigenous persons in the correctional system. While Indigenous people are only four percent of our population, they represent 25 percent of the federal inmate population. The Auditor General identified several opportunities within the correctional system that will help address this challenge. CSC has accepted his advice, which complements efforts to better rehabilitate and reintegrate Indigenous offenders.

The Auditor General also found that the established performance indicators for the Beyond the Border Action Plan did not adequately demonstrate its results. In keeping with our commitment to evidence-based decision making and transparency, we will strengthen evaluation, while continuing to modernize border management with the United States. 

Over the last year, our efforts at the border have led to improved cooperation with the U.S and progress for Canadian border priorities, such as an expansion of preclearance locations and work toward cargo preclearance. The Canada Border Services Agency is committed to facilitating legitimate trade and travel, while protecting Canadians.

I am grateful to the Auditor General for his work on these issues. His efforts help us improve, and ultimately help deliver better service and value for money to Canadians.”

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