National Cyber Security Strategy


Canadian individuals, businesses, critical infrastructure systems and governments rely on digital technology on a daily basis. This technology represents opportunity on many levels, including economically and socially. However, as accessibility and opportunity have grown, so have cyber threats become increasingly frequent and severe. These threats have the potential to undermine the resiliency of our critical networks and infrastructure as well as bring significant harm to our national security and economic prosperity.

Public Safety Canada has designed the National Cyber Security Strategy to empower the Government of Canada and its partners to meet its goals, even as technologies and cyber threats evolve. The Strategy identifies the leadership role of the Government of Canada and conveys the importance of strengthening collaboration with our stakeholders and partners. It also supports secure and resilient Canadian cyber systems through investments in an innovative and adaptive cyber ecosystem. The Government and its partners will look to the Strategy for direction in the decision-making challenges of the future.

The Strategy includes numerous initiatives, such as the consolidation of the Government’s cyber security operations into the creation of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, to be led by the Communications Security Establishment, as well as establishing the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit within the RCMP.

For Canadians, the Strategy and associated investments mean a clear and trusted federal source for cyber security information, practical tips to apply to everyday online activities, and heightened awareness of malicious cyber activity. For businesses, it means increased cyber security guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as tools and resources to improve cyber resilience. For researchers and academics in the cyber security field, the Strategy will support advanced research, fostering innovation and developing cyber skills and knowledge. For the digital systems we rely on every day, like online banking, electricity grids and telecommunications networks, the Strategy and its initiatives will result in bolstered security and a more rapid and coordinated federal response to cyber threats.

The Government of Canada’s renewed approach to cyber security reflects the perspectives shared through the Cyber Review, which was led by Public Safety Canada, in collaboration with the Departments of National Defence; Innovation, Science and Economic Development; Infrastructure and Communities; Public Services and Procurement; and the Treasury Board Secretariat. As part of the Cyber Review, Public Safety Canada completed a broad public consultation that helped identify gaps and opportunities, as well as bring forward new ideas on how to work together to keep Canadians safe while capitalizing on the advantages of new technologies and the digital economy.

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