Government announces support for Canada’s preparedness against cyberattacks

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From electronic espionage to ransomware, the threats to Canadians from malicious cyber activity – including cyberattacks – are greater than ever. In the future this will also include the quantum threat, whereby quantum computers will be able to easily hack through much of the existing encryption that we rely on today. Given the significant risk that it poses, the Government of Canada is redoubling efforts to protect Canadians from the quantum threat.

The Minister of Public Safety, the Honourable Marco Mendicino, today announced federal support for Canada’s cyber defences. Quantum-Safe Canada will receive $675,000 for their project Laying the Foundations for a Quantum-Safe Canada, which raises awareness and preparedness of the quantum threat. This funding is made available under the Cyber Security Cooperation Program.

The project will help strengthen Canada’s ability to prepare for and respond to the quantum threat; coordinating research, technology, tools and training. The project will also ensure that those charged with protecting the systems that Canadians rely on have knowledge and skills they need in the era of quantum computers. 

The Cyber Security Cooperation Program supports projects under the Government of Canada’s National Cyber Security Strategy. It is also a key element of the government’s broader plan to bolster Canada’s cyber security. This is led by Bill C-26, which will protect Canadians and increase cyber security across the financial, telecommunications, energy and transportation sectors.


“In the 21st century, cyber security is national security. This project will help better protect Canadians against cyber threats, in particular the growing risk posed by quantum threats. More broadly, it’s an important element of our robust strategy to defend Canada and the crucial infrastructure that Canadians rely on.”

- The Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety

“Quantum-Safe Canada greatly appreciates the ongoing involvement of Public Safety Canada in our efforts to ensure the quantum readiness of Canada’s critical infrastructure systems, and the financial support that Minister Mendicino announced today.”

- Dr Michele Mosca, Executive Director, Quantum-Safe Canada

Quick facts

  • The Cyber Security Cooperation Program was launched in August 2019 under the National Cyber Security Strategy. Through the program, $10.3 million in funding was allocated to support projects that contribute to positioning Canada as a global leader in cyber security.

  • Quantum-Safe Canada is a not-for-profit organization established to drive efforts to prepare for and respond to the quantum threat to encryption and cybersecurity, and to grasp the opportunities that exist in properly managing that threat. 

  • Public Safety Canada is currently holding public consultations to help renew the National Cyber Security Strategy. Visit our consultation page to learn more and get involved before August 19, 2022. 

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