Mobility provision for former Ministers' staff

Certain former employees in ministers’ offices are eligible to participate in internal advertised appointment processes for which the established organizational criterion entitles all employees and/or persons employed in the public service to be considered.

In order to participate in an advertised internal appointment process, the participant must have been employed for at least 3 continuous years in one of the following offices and have ceased to be employed in such an office:

  • Office of a minister
  • Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
  • Leader of the Opposition in the House of Commons

Determination of Eligibility

The Public Service Commission (the Commission) has the authority to confirm if an employee Footnote 1 in a minister’s office meets the mobility criteria set out in section 35.2 of the Public Service Employment Act (the Act).

Persons wishing to request confirmation of their eligibility for mobility must complete the Confirmation of eligibility for mobility of former ministers’ staff form and send it to

Note: If you wish to have this document in an alternative format, please contact us at 1-866-707-7152 or by email.

Confirmation of Eligibility

If the applicant meets the requirements, the Commission will issue a letter of confirmation, which will serve as proof of eligibility. The letter is to be submitted each time the applicant makes use of their eligibility to participate in an advertised internal appointment process.


The eligibility to participate in advertised internal appointment processes is for a period of one year after the person ceases to be employed in any of the offices mentioned above.


For more information, please contact the Political Activities and Non-Partisanship Division at 1-866-707-7152 or by email.

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